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Losing weight is often a challenge. It seems even more difficult to maintain the desired weight, which you have struggled to achieve, over the long term. With the necessary knowledge, however, both losing weight and maintaining weight become child’s play. Implement the following 15 slimming tips in your personal nutrition plan. Within four weeks you will not only lose weight, but also feel more beautiful, younger and more productive.

Do you want to lose weight? But tired of counting calories? Can’t see the yo-yo effect anymore? You don’t want to swallow slimming pills with many side effects? Tired of monotonous 500-calorie diets that make your stomach growl? Then you are exactly right here.

Provide yourself with the necessary knowledge about losing weight and eat yourself in the future in such a way that your body cannot help but shed excess pounds. With this knowledge, you will not only lose weight slowly but surely and thus in a healthy way, but you will also rejuvenate your body as a whole and feel much more comfortable and active. By the way, you won’t do any of this without enjoying yourself. On the contrary: Our tips are of course also tasty and fun.

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1. Lose weight with the right fats

Fat does have calories, but if you eat the right fats in combination with the right diet, it will not make you fat, it will actually make you lose weight. Because you supply your body with high-quality cell building material via valuable fats, so that it is easier for it to break down old cells and to build up new — young and fresh — cells. So from now on, only consume high quality oils and fats!

It is interesting that so-called nutrition experts often recommend and praise those oils and fats that are not necessarily healthy. Sunflower oil and safflower oil, for example, can be used in small amounts, but shouldn’t be included in your diet plan if you are about to lose weight or if you may be struggling with health problems that are based on chronic inflammatory processes.

The two oils mentioned are rich in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and can stimulate weight gain — even if they are found in margarine, which is mistakenly regarded as a cheap fat for weight loss. Omega-6 fatty acids inhibit the effect of thyroid hormones. But these are responsible for an active metabolism . If they are blocked, the metabolism is reduced and fat is stored instead of being used for energy production.

In industrially produced fats — and thus also in many finished products such as biscuits, pastries, chips, French fries, sweets, etc. — there can also be harmful trans fats . These trans fats make the cell walls more permeable, promote inflammation and, through the formation of free radicals, lead to extreme oxidative stress on the cell.

However, trans fats are not all unhealthy. They also make you fat and prevent you from losing weight. Like the omega-6 fatty acids, trans fats can also inhibit the activity of the thyroid hormones and thus reduce the metabolism.

Which fats are actually ideal for losing weight?

For the cold kitchen, choose virgin olive oil, hemp oil , linseed oil (1–3 tablespoons of linseed oil per day) or a fine spice oil based on organic rapeseed oil.

A high-quality olive oil can also be used for heating at relatively low temperatures. However, it is not suitable for frying or deep-frying.

For the hot kitchen (for frying, baking and cooking), on the other hand, a high-quality virgin organic coconut oil and — if you are not vegan — organic ghee, the clarified butter from Ayurveda cuisine, are best suited.

In Ayurveda, ghee is considered to be an agni-strengthening food. Agni here means the digestive fire. The better digestion works, the faster metabolic waste can of course be excreted and the easier it is to lose weight permanently.

Coconut oil is preferred by the body to generate energy and not to store fat. If the body wanted to get the coconut oil into the fat deposits, it would first have to take a long time to convert it into storage fat. Therefore, coconut oil is treated more like carbohydrates by the body — but without their disadvantages. Coconut oil, for example, does not cause blood sugar level fluctuations and thus also no cravings, as carbohydrates often do.

In addition, while the omega-6 fatty acids throttle the thyroid, coconut oil invigorates the thyroid and activates the metabolism. Coconut oil can therefore be used in a diet without any problems and sustainably supports every effort to lose weight.

2. Lose weight without sugar and white flour

There is no avoiding this when losing weight. Sugar and white flour are isolated carbohydrates. They lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels, food cravings and excessive appetite.

They keep the insulin level up and in this way prevent fat from being broken down. Isolated carbohydrates provide you with nothing but calories — no vital substances, no minerals, no trace elements and no useful secondary plant substances. So there is no need to eat them. Avoid sugar and white flour and all products that contain these two foods.

Switch to whole grains. However, avoid wheat here and instead prefer spelled products or gluten-free products made from rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, chestnuts, einkorn, corn, hemp, etc.

Instead of ordinary household sugar, you can use small amounts of honey or small amounts of xylitol.

You can get sweet and at the same time healthy bars without sugar, without white flour and also without harmful fats in organic online shops or in health food stores / health food stores. You can also make healthy sweets yourself very quickly. You can even prepare chocolate yourself within half an hour from healthy ingredients and in a delicious, melting quality.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to live without conventional sugar and sweets, then plan your way out of sugar addiction.

3. Lose weight with konjac powder and the calorie-free konjac noodle

With the konjac powder you can increase your weight loss — by 350 grams per week. The konjac powder has the same origin as the fantastic konjac noodle, namely the konjac root.

A powder is obtained from this root — the konjak powder — which consists almost exclusively of special dietary fibers (so-called glucomannans). These dietary fibers inhibit the appetite, make you full and satisfied — in such a way that you suddenly stop thinking about food. Suddenly your head is free again for creative and meaningful things.

Even the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has praised the konjac powder as an excellent means of losing weight — if you consume it twice a day, which is very easy because the konjac powder is available in capsule form.

There is also noodles made from konjac! Those who want to lose weight usually force themselves to strictly avoid all types of pasta. Basically, this is also a very good idea, as carbohydrates — especially with rich sauces — can quickly make themselves felt on the scales. But since konjac noodles have been around, nobody has to go without delicious pasta anymore.

Konjak noodles are free from usable carbohydrates, free from fats and therefore free from calories. At the same time, they can be prepared like pasta — whether spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna or pasta salad — anything is possible! And that with zero calories. Konjak noodles are also extremely satisfying for a long time and take away the appetite for large portions.

4. Lose weight without processed foods

Processed foods include products such as roast chicken, biscuits, crackers, chips, commercial mueslis, sweets, baked goods and ready meals of all kinds. These products contain trans fats (see 1.), plenty of isolated carbohydrates (see 2.), mostly too much salt or also glutamate (see 5.). At the same time, they hardly provide you with vital substances, so it makes no sense to eat these products — unless you want to gain weight in an unhealthy way.

The nine most unhealthy foods are all processed foods. If you eat these which lead to the metabolism so many waste products and metabolic waste products that can not all her body excrete. So he stores them and pads them with fat so that the slag cannot damage the tissue (see also point 11). If you now eat high quality foods, your body has much less reason to put on fat because there are fewer waste products to plump up.

Instead, eat fresh fruit, salads, vegetable dishes, sprouts, nuts (especially unsalted peanuts), legumes, occasionally high-quality fish and now and then an organic egg.

However, you might a detox perform for four weeks. Such a purification cure is not only suitable for losing weight, but also as an introduction to a healthy diet that is excessively alkaline. The purification cure makes it much easier for you to make your future nutrition plan healthy and rich in vital substances.

In addition to detailed instructions, you will also receive recipes for four weeks (one recipe per day) and thus also receive a safe routine in healthy cooking and eating.

5. Glutamate blocks weight loss

Avoid products that contain glutamate. Glutamate is a flavor enhancer that makes food taste particularly hearty and spicy. On the list of ingredients, it is labeled with monosodium glutamate or with terms such as “hydrolyzed protein” or “flavoring”. Glutamate leads to the fact that you eat more of the corresponding food than you actually want. Glutamate thus promotes appetite and inhibits the feeling of satiety.

Glutamate is therefore ideal as a spice if you urgently want to gain weight (in an unhealthy way). Instead of spice mixtures containing glutamate, you can use herbal salt, spices such as turmeric , nutmeg, curry, sweet paprika, garlic granulate, but also herbal mixtures, nettle seed-spice mixtures and yeast-free vegetable broths.

6. Lose weight with green smoothies

If you have a tendency to overeat, try replacing one of your daily meals with a green smoothie or having a smoothie as a starter. “Smoothie” does not mean a bought ready-made drink, which usually contains far too much sugar and other unfavorable ingredients, but a homemade green smoothie made from fruits, green leafy vegetables, water and — if you like — some almond butter, ginger, vanilla or the like .

Ideally, you drink the green smoothie for breakfast. Enjoyed this early in the day on an empty stomach, its high-quality vital substances and nutrients can be immediately absorbed and incorporated into the cells.

You don’t always have time to prepare a fresh smoothie? It doesn’t matter. High quality smoothies are also available in powder form. But make sure you have high quality here!

Powdered smoothies should of course be free from sugar, sweeteners and unfavorable fillers. They should be made from organic quality natural fruits and vegetables. If you also choose varieties that contain fiber in the form of calorie-free flea seeds, then you are killing two birds with one stone, which means that you can implement two of our tips at the same time: the smoothie tip and the following fiber tip.

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7. Lose weight with healthy weight loss shakes

Weight loss shakes can help you lose weight very well. They usually replace a meal, contain only a few calories themselves, but are so filling that you think you’ve eaten a full meal. However, it is important to choose healthy weight loss shakes. Because there are many weight loss shakes on the market that contain sugar, sweeteners or honey (which also consists almost exclusively of sugar) and therefore do not allow healthy weight loss.

The main ingredient in weight loss shakes is a protein powder. In the vast majority of cases, protein powder comes from cow’s milk (whey) or from soy — both proteins that are not tolerated by many people, at least not in the amounts contained in weight loss shakes (especially since up to three shakes are consumed per day ).

The actually healthy slimming shakes from Slimsalabim, on the other hand, contain a combination of three purely vegetable, but still soy-free proteins: rice, pea and sunflower seed protein. The protein content is 50 percent.

Slimsalabim weight loss shakes also contain konjac powder, a natural fiber that has been proven to facilitate weight loss with a daily consumption of 3 g. Of course, the slimming shakes from Slimsalabim are free from sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Instead, the taste is rounded off by erythritol, a healthy sugar substitute, and stevia. With the Slimsalabim shakes, you only consume 136 kcal per serving and you can also choose between vanilla and cocoa.

8. Lose weight with the right fiber

In addition to konjac fiber, there is other fiber that you can incorporate into your eating plan that will help you lose weight, such as: B. the nutrient-rich chia seeds.

Chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds are one of the exceptionally healthy sources of fiber. Chia seeds swell — similar to flax seeds — very quickly in water or pureed fruits to many times their original size. If they are eaten, they fill you up very quickly and also ensure that the feeling of satiety lasts for a long time.

Chia seeds not only provide you with fiber, but also with an enormous amount of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. The latter also help to lower your cholesterol level and alleviate possible chronic inflammation. If you want to take full advantage of the nutrients found in chia seeds, you need to grind or grind the seeds. Otherwise, you will only benefit from the fiber.

Another wonderful fiber-rich remedy for not only being able to lose weight, but also to detoxify and deacidify the body at the same time, is to take the bentonite flea seed shake in the morning. This shake fills you up, suppresses the appetite, promotes digestion, absorbs toxins and gases from the digestive tract and ensures a healthy environment in the intestine. All of these properties help you enormously in losing weight and at the same time doing something good for your body and your health.

Incidentally, bentonite and psyllium husks are also available in the form of capsules — because not everyone likes to mix these two ingredients into a shake. Bentonite and psyllium husk powder are also often used in colon cleansing programs. If you purchase such a basic colon cleansing program, you will often also receive a probiotic — which brings us to the next point:

9. Probiotics help you lose weight

Probiotics are useful intestinal bacteria that have an extremely positive effect on human health in many ways — and also help with weight loss. Intestinal bacteria 2 are many hundreds of species. Each person has a very individual intestinal bacteria composition and thus a very individual intestinal flora — depending on the intestinal flora of the parents and depending on their personal diet and lifestyle.

Some intestinal bacteria — they are called firmicutes — now lead to some of the actually indigestible fiber being broken down into digestible carbohydrates and therefore providing the body with calories. This means that you think you are eating indigestible fiber, which is then converted by your own intestinal flora into what you don’t want: sugar and fat. No wonder losing weight doesn’t work! And that even though you hardly eat anything. But not everyone has the same number of Firmicutes.

It was found that overweight people prefer to harbor this group of intestinal bacteria in their intestines. Slender people, on the other hand, have only a few Firmicutes bacteria, but the so-called Bacteroidetes bacteria are more common. These bacteria cannot metabolize fiber, so no extra calories can settle on your hips either. The dietary fiber is excreted undigested in these people. If they were fat, they could lose weight in no time. But they don’t get fat in the first place.

Lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus strains) belong to the Bacteroidetes. Therefore, it makes sense to take probiotic preparations when you want to lose weight. The goal now is to change the intestinal flora in such a way that the “thick” Firmicutes are pushed back and the “slender” Bacteroidetes settle instead.

It is important here that you choose a probiotic that contains numerous Lactobacillus strains and that you implement this along with the other tips mentioned here. Make your intestinal flora an accomplice — and losing weight becomes child’s play! You can read how you can train your intestinal flora in the direction of “slim” with nutrition in the highly interesting book “Slim with Gut” by Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann.

10. Lose weight with capsaicin and magnesium

Capsaicin is the hot substance in chillies, which are also called cayenne pepper when ground. Capsaicin leads to an increase in body temperature, which increases energy consumption. Capsaicin also inhibits appetite and at the same time accelerates fat loss — from as little as 135 mg capsaicin per day.

Combined with magnesium, the positive effect on weight loss can be increased even further. Because magnesium deficiency prevents weight loss. Magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, leads to fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which in turn lead to binge eating, which, as is well known, is not exactly beneficial if you want to lose weight. Diets in particular are often low in magnesium — and so are finished products from the supermarket.

Therefore, it makes sense to check your own magnesium supply if you want to lose weight successfully. If you find that your diet is rather low in magnesium, you can take a magnesium supplement and thus boost your metabolism, among other things. Magnesium then promotes fat loss through its influence on the blood sugar balance.

In addition, magnesium, together with the B vitamins, blocks the activity of so-called obesity genes.

11. Lose weight with bitter substances

Bitter substances promote the liver functions and in this way stimulate the metabolism. Bitter substances also change the sense of taste in the long term, so that sweets soon no longer taste good, which of course has a very beneficial effect on weight loss. Bitter substances can be absorbed with the help of different preparations.

It is particularly ideal if you choose bitter substance preparations that have proven themselves particularly in terms of weight loss, such as. B. the artichoke extract .

The artichoke extract, on the other hand, is naturally caffeine-free and works as a slimming agent on very different levels: artichoke extract helps detoxification and purification (the fewer toxins and waste products, the faster the organism decreases), directly accelerates fat breakdown, and moderates the blood sugar level after eating and prevents cravings. All of these qualities are more than welcome when looking to lose weight. We have described more about this in this text: Simply stop cravings .

12. Lose weight with saffron extract and vitamin D.

Saffron has completely different effects on the body, but they also help with weight loss. Saffron, for example, increases the feeling of satiety, suppresses appetite and automatically reduces the number of snacks between meals. The reason for these practical properties is the saffron-related increase in serotonin levels. The more balanced the serotonin level , the happier, more satisfied and less depressed you feel and the less binge eating will overtake you.

In 2010, a study with 60 overweight women was carried out on this topic. They took 175 mg of saffron extract (or a placebo supplement) daily. And although the women were not on a diet, the saffron group had lost much more weight than the placebo group after 8 weeks.

It is well known that vitamin D also affects a person’s mood . Deficiency, on the other hand, is associated with depression. Vitamin D is therefore an ideal companion for saffron. Because just like saffron, vitamin D not only lifts the mood. It also seems to have an impact on a person’s body weight. Overweight people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency more than average. B. in those people who have already tried umpteen diets and simply no longer lose weight.

You should therefore check your vitamin D level and then correct any deficiency by taking vitamin D.

13. Lose weight by taking long breaks between meals

You can read here why long breaks between larger meals are more likely to contribute to weight loss than the many small meals that have often been postulated.

It is therefore ideal to have the first meal in the late morning (e.g. at 11 a.m.) and the second meal in the afternoon (e.g. at 4 p.m.). A third meal is omitted. Not everyone feels comfortable with this rhythm. Give it a try. Because if you are one of those who love intermittent fasting, then suddenly you will find it easier to lose weight.

14. Lose weight with the right weight loss shakes

When it comes to losing weight, choosing the right drinks is also important. Drinks sweetened with sugar are of course not suitable for a weight loss program. However, drinks sweetened with sweeteners are not ideal either, as we have explained here: sweeteners make you fat

It is better to switch consistently to mineral water (non- carbonated or carbonated ) and herbal teas and drink 1.5 to 2 liters of them a day. If you do not like / cannot drink pure water, you can flavor your mineral water and make your own “vitamin water” . The simplest variant is to add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and xylitol or erythritol to the mineral water.

If you like lemon water, you can also use it for a cure: the lemon juice cure ! Freshly squeezed vegetable juices (possibly diluted with water) can also be incorporated into a weight loss program in the form of a juice cure .

* Juicer , inexpensive and very popular: Panasonic Slow Juicer

* Premium juicer with a more powerful motor, easy to clean: Kuvings juicer

15. Lose weight with a deacidification cure

Chronic over- acidification of the tissue occurs over many years and decades as a result of a chronic lack of basic minerals and an acid-forming lifestyle and diet. In the course of such chronic acidification, the metabolism visibly slows down. Losing weight becomes almost impossible.

An over-acidic environment prevents nutrients and vital substances from reaching the cell completely and at the same time blocks the removal of metabolic waste products from the tissue, so that the situation continues to deteriorate. Slags that cannot be removed are padded with fat so that they cannot damage the sensitive body tissues.

Only when the slag, which also includes excess or already neutralized acids, is removed, the fat can be broken down much more easily, because then nothing more needs to be padded.

A cell that is not properly supplied simultaneously constantly signals “hunger”, so that hyperacidity is often always accompanied by an appetite that cannot be satisfied. In the case of hyperacidity, losing weight is therefore only possible to a limited extent and only with great effort, if at all.

The acidification is here therefore an important step with or shortly after the diet makes sense. If the deacidification is carried out at the same time as the change in diet, this can overload the body and lead to detoxification and intolerance reactions. So proceed slowly — especially if you have previously had an unhealthy diet or if you suffer from chronic illnesses.

In this case, the organism should first get used to the healthier diet (for about 4 weeks) and only then be confronted with a deacidification program.

During deacidification, acid waste is removed so that bases, oxygen and enzymes can finally pass through the tissue again. The nutrients can now easily enter the cell and waste can be discharged. The metabolism is reactivated and accelerated by the deacidification, so that the stored fat reserves are now also reached and these can be gradually broken down. And so it works again without any problems with the weight loss.

Of course, you also think about sufficient exercise, sleep, fresh air and sensible stress management.

We wish you every success in losing weight.

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