5 things that will improve your mental health in the workplace

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Taking a break can also involve quad biking, as we did at our company retreat this year.

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we value communication and transparency. After all, we go on about the importance of communication all the time. Not only that, but we’re transparent about how we work and how we look after each other.

This is all well and good. Let’s kick it up a notch though. Let’s talk about…

(Drumroll, please.)

Mental health in the workplace!

Okay, so here’s the thing. Mental health is something that can be very difficult to talk about generally, let alone at work. Despite advances in talking about the topic, it’s one that can take a lot of guts to bring up. …

Get To Know Our Advisors: Tania Zapata

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Tania at this year’s retreat in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Every so often, you hear a phrase that you think you’ve heard before. Whether you’ve actually heard it before is beside the point. What matters is that the saying resonates so well that it gives words to what you were thinking all along.

This happened to me recently when I heard the phrase is “nadie es profeta en su tierra”. Translated from Spanish, this means “nobody is a prophet in their own land”. Going somewhere new puts you into survival mode, and makes you make the best of things. It spurs you on.

And that phrase is so relevant to us at Bunny Studio. …

A Toolkit for Everyone: Retrospectives

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Team members during our this year’s company retreat in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

At Bunny Studio, we’re shaping the future of outsourcing. Learn from our mistakes and successes with our “A Toolkit for Everyone” series. This is where we provide resources so you can shape your future, too.

First, the basics.

What is a retrospective? It’s a document written to learn from past actions and behaviors. At Bunny Studio, we use retrospectives to review performance, specifically team performance. They are also a time for teams to use their learnings to plan for the future, ensuring that everyone understands their mission and role.

There are several ways of running retrospectives — you have have heard of the term “sprint retrospective” before, but we do things differently. …

How We Work: Braintrusts

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Although we all work remotely, we get together in the same place once a year for our yearly company retreat.

Welcome to our newest blog series — How We Work. Want to know what it’s like to work at Bunny Studio? Want to learn how we solved workplace challenges?

This week, we’re talking about our Braintrust framework. How do we encourage candid feedback in the workplace? Read on to find out.

Oh, and while you’re here, why don’t you read last week’s edition of How We Work? It’s all about how we look after each other.

What was our challenge?

Giving and receiving feedback is hard. Especially when it needs to be done in a professional setting. …

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Andres Barreto (right) and Scott LeMay in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve gotten to know some of us a bit better. Nadeem in Cairo, Shey in Montevideo, Camilo… mostly in Bogotá but also in other places. We recently got to know each other better too.

Once a year, we all got together for our yearly company retreat. All of us, from all over the world, met in Colombia, hung out in person, learned, and brainstormed Bunny Inc.’s future. …

How We Work: Looking After Each Other

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Welcome to our newest blog series — How We Work. Want to know what it’s like to work at Bunny Inc.? Want to learn how we solved workplace challenges? Read on.

What’s the challenge?

A team’s well-being is a vital tool for success. How can an organization foster a healthy work environment and look after its employees?

What’s the solution?

Work-life integration is vital for both a healthy work environment and happy employees.

At Bunny Inc., we foster a healthy work-life integration by providing our team members with the benefits, time off and channels of communication they need to feel supported at work.

Why does it work?

Aiming for “work-life integration” is a more holistic goal than aiming for “work-life balance”. The latter evokes a binary opposition between work and life, while the former is an approach that creates greater synergy between the areas that define our lives: work; home and family; community; personal well-being; health. …

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Foto de Unsplash; edição de imagem por Monica Fajardo.

Salun mora no Brasil. Ele entrou na Bunny Inc. como engenheiro de software no início de junho de 2018 . E trabalha remotamente em casa. Quando ingressou, tinha uma conexão de internet bastante boa. Bastante boa para o Brasil (15Mb), mas não boa o suficiente, não para o nível de trabalho que ele sabia que teria que realizar. Seria melhor contratar uma conexão de internet mais rápida.

Fez isso, então. Trocou de provedor de internet, da Vivo para a Claro, e conseguiu uma conexão muito mais rápida, de 120Mb. Até aqui, tudo bem, certo?

Bom, mais ou menos. De fato a conexão era mais rápida e funcionava bem. As videochamadas se tornaram mais fáceis, com menos problemas de conexão. As coisas estavam indo bem. …

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Photo by Unsplash; image editing by Monica Fajardo.

At Bunny Studio, we recently held a company retreat. As a remote company, we all get together in the same physical location once a year or so. Why? Well, to get to know each other better, yes. But also to tackle challenges together. While we communicate remotely with each other very well, it is beneficial to sometimes meet face-to-face. This is especially true when trying to answer big questions like “what is our company culture?” and “what are our company’s guiding values?”.

A period of change.

Bunny Studio is at a crossroads. We are currently re-evaluating our way of working and asking ourselves those same difficult questions, with the overarching question being — “what sort of company and employer do we want to become?”. We’re looking at the values and culture that have served us well over the past few years and taking the time to analyze them critically. …

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Photo by Unsplash; image editing by Monica Fajardo.

A while back, I wrote an article about place. Nevertheless, let’s recap.

I work remotely, from a smallholding in South Africa. Because of this, my experience of place is sharply binary — both tethered and amorphous. On one hand, I am strongly connected to the landscape; I drink milk that came from a cow who lives across the road and I’m only able to have a shower when the property’s water tanks have been filled with rain. This connection to the landscape fosters a strong, tangible connection to place.

This strong connection to place doesn’t manifest in my work life, though. I work remotely just like the majority of my colleagues. So, by definition, my work is not tied to a specific place. Which is great; I mean, I can work from anywhere with an internet connection, who doesn’t want that? And, up until recently, I had never met my colleagues in person. …

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Image editing by Monica Fajardo.

At Bunny Inc., we value education. Whether it be with our internal mentorship network or at external conferences, we provide our team members with the tools they need to learn and grow.

One important tool we provide is support for external educational endeavors. What does this mean? Well, a number of our team members study for a university degree while working full-time, myself included.

Studying while working full-time is hard. But what makes it easier is knowing that your employer and your team leader have your back.

How can employers and leaders provide this support to their student-employees?


Emmy Tither

British-Peruvian-American currently living Albuquerque, NM, USA. Educator, audio geek, and psychogeography enthusiast. www.emmytither.com

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