The smoky flavors of chicken BBQ

While exploring how to barbecue a piece of meat with that perfection one needs to know about the essential flavors that can be added to different types of barbecue or BBQ meats. One must be very careful while going for barbecue as too many flavors might spoil the original taste of the meat. Before placing the chicken pieces over the grill one must properly marinate the chicken with necessary herbs, spices, and other ingredients. There are several restaurants which provide non- vegetarian dishes like chicken BBQ in Edmonton.

Some of the common ingredients that are used for saucing include:

1. Apple juice- This is an essential juice for basting any kind of BBQ meat. Apple juice and apple cider vinegar is used in many BBQ sauces and brine recipes. It maintains the tenderness and softness of the meat.

2. Molasses- This is used primarily in the preparation of sauces. The dark color and the bold flavor provide the sauce a thick texture and dark color.

3. Whiskey- Whiskey gives a kind of malt flavor and balances the flavor of the sauces.

Few restaurants specifies on a variety of chicken dishes like chicken curry, chili chicken curry, chicken combo meals, baked chicken, smoked chicken and so on. Amongst all these popular dishes smoked chicken is very popular and a dish which is globally known. Smoked chicken or chicken BBQ is cooked by the process of grilling until the chicken turns tender and juicy. Chicken can be cooked by different means and procedures using different ingredients. But smoked chicken has its own unique smoky aroma and flavor which a normal chicken curry does not have.

For seasoning, one can use spices like onion powder, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, kosher salt, black pepper, olive oil and so on. Today, smoked chicken BBQ is common in every global restaurant. In this procedure, the marinated boneless chicken pieces are put inside the skewers and are being grilled in a barbeque until they are soft and tender. One can also cook the smoke chicken dish without even using the skewers. It is always essential to marinate the chicken pieces with oil and spices so that it does not stick to the grill pan and gets perfectly cooked.

Just like chicken, pork can also be cooked by barbecuing. There are several restaurants which provide best grilled pork in Edmonton. Pork requires less oil as compared to chicken and that is the best thing in cooking pork. While barbequing pork, one uses ingredients like paprika, brown sugar, black pepper, table salt, dry mustard powder, cayenne, oil. All these ingredients are rubbed together over the pork pieces and are placed on the barbeque grill for roasting.

The variety of chicken recipes comes at affordable prices. The distinctive taste comes from a handful of specific ingredients, which are readily available at all global food stores. People from all parts of the world love to gorge on authentic food from other regions because every regional food has their own culture which is imbibed in lip smacking spices.

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