Android: Top 5 Setup’s of May 2k17

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation, when we were lacking some inspiration for making an awesome new setup, or just to tweak it to the perfection. Just recently that happened to us, so we decided to reach out to you guys over on social media sites, and to take a look around the web, if we can find something that intriguer us to create something new and exacting!

So If you are looking for something to spice up your current setup, or you are on the hunt for something new, whatever the case may be, this one is for you!

Basem Ihab

This first setup was submitted by Basem Ihab.

Basem is a seasoned tweaker who owns and tweaks both Android and iOS devices, we decided to include this one, as it is clean and minimal just as we like it, also the icons go really well with the wallpaper.

Good job Basem!

What did Basem use to create this setup;

  • Nova Launcher with 5x4 grid,
  • Acorn Icon Pack,
  • Dashclock widget.

Giancarlo Reyes

The second setup is from a man named Giancarlo Reyes.
If you browse trough Android section of the Google Plus, you must have heard about him. He is well known for his clean and minimalist setups. 
What we like in this setups in particularity is the attention to the details, everything goes together very well.

What did Giancarlo Reyes use for his setup;

  • Stock Pixel Launcher,
  • Custom icon pack, made by Indragiri. Icon pack not yet released for public, however you can grab it Here
  • Awesome Icons app to get the custom icons on stock Pixel Launcher,
  • This Wallpaper.

Gary Vartanian

The third setup comes from man that goes by the name Gary Vartanian

If you are truly an Android enthusiast you should check him out, dude does some really sick things with KLWP. His setups are always clean, minimal and easy to recreate. We did “steal” some of his ideas in the past, and for sure we will do it again.

What did Gary use for this setup;

  • Nova Launcher,
  • KLWP,
  • Cornie Icons,
  • This Wallpaper.

Daniel Galvan

Our fourth pick of the month is this masterpiece by Daniel Galvan.

Daniel is a Android veteran, a real OG. He has been mooding Android since the Android Froyo!

His setups are always unique and resemble the iOS style as he likes the clean look and the unified design of iOS themes. We really love how good do the icon look and how well the setup is thought out.

What did Daniel use for this setup;

  • Nova Launcher,
  • Hypsta pt2 icons by Kris Jay​,
  • Kustom Widget for the dock,
  • Min Zooper redone on KLWP for the clock and the date,
  • Wallpaper from Chintya Lia R.K

Akshay Deshmukh

Our fifth, and last setup for the month comes from Akshay Deshmukh

Akashy loves contrast and he uses it very well. We like this homescreen as it is simple and pleasant to look at it, you can clearly see the contrast between the wallpaper and the icons, and that Google coloured widget looks like it was made for this setup!

What did Akshay use for this setup;

  • Nova Launcher,
  • FAV zooper widget,
  • White round icon pack,
  • Wallpaper from one and only Nick Nice

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their setup over the social media sites, if you haven’t been picked this month, we still like your work, and we are grateful for your support, so please keep on sending us your setups, there is always a chance you get featured on next month’s Top 5 Android setups!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
And make sure to follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter, so you don’t miss out!

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