Tablet Review: Apple’s New $329 iPad is Solid But With Some Compromises.

As you may have already heard, Apple just released the new $329 budget friendly version of the iPad.
And yes, you are reading it right, they are calling it just that, the iPad!

Now It can get a bit tricky to keep up with all the iPad series, we have Mini, we have Air, we have Pro series and now (again) there is also just the iPad.

Maybe this is the Apple’s way of going back to the roots, or just a start of keeping the things simple, or maybe even a start of a friendly budget series? Only the time will tell that.

But here is what we have to say about the “new kid on the block” the 2k17 iPad.

We were expecting less that we’ve actually got!

The back looks familiar, gizmag.

To be honest, we were expecting to dislike the product before we brought it. but now we are happy that we got it.

The new and budget friendly 9.7 inch iPad is kinda hard to hate. Yes it lacks some of the things that his pricier siblings do have, and yes it’s a bit on the thicker and heavier side, but you just can’t deny that the 2k17 iPad paired with the Apple A9 processor is a solid buy.

Apple left the 16gb storage in the past, and we could not be any happier with that. 
2k17 iPad starting mode comes with the 32gb storage and with the price of 329$ we’ve almost impulse buy it. 
We think that with that price tag Apple will “tip the scale” for a lot of user that previously were on the fence about trying out there tablets. 
we feel that there is no longer a need to spend more than a 100$ on a tablet that will work as it should. 
And the A9 processor is somewhat a good guarantee to get updates, and still have a good performance after.

The tablet isn’t perfect it has some shortcomings, but if you are new to the iOS or you own a tablet that is older than the iPad Air line, we think you should consider the new iPad.

Cutting the corners

DTrends Display is Good but Not the Best.

Apple had to cut some corners in order to price the iPad “budget friendly” 
The biggest and the most visible (pun intended) is the display. 
New iPad lacks the laminated digitzier while that may not be the problem for everyone, we did notice it, probably because we are used to the iPad Air’s 2 screen. 
The lack of laminated digitizer means that the content on the screen will feel a bit far, or a bit disconnected, there i somewhat an air gap between the digitizer and the screen itself, if you are not using the tablet at max brightens all the time, you will hardly notice it. 
it’s hard to describe if you don’t see it in person. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not on pair with the Air 2, the screen is fully comparable with the original Air model, tho. corners

Screen is the only really noticeable thing that we fell is a bit of a cutting the comers from Apple.

Even tho it’s not an disadvantage for us, We need to mention the extra thickness and weight, as well, as some of you may find it as a disadvantage.

The form factor of the New iPad is similar to the original iPad Air’s. So it’s a tad bit thicker and heavier than the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the Air 2, but trust us when we tell you, this is not a big deal, and if that means the tablet is cheaper, we are all for it. and we think You will be as well.

Performance side of things

When it comes to performance this thing is no slouch, with the 64 bit dual core A9 processor clocked at 1,85 GHz, and 2gb of RAM, including a faster single core performance that the A8X processor, that is in Air 2, this thing runs all the task you trow at him smoothly, there are no visible lag or slowdowns anywhere. 
Games run smoothly, even the most graphical intense ones. We tried GTA San Andreas, NBK 2K17 and the UFC, all without a problem, or to many doped frames. 
That is not really a surprise, as with that kind of configuration it can even edit and export 4K videos, and do fairly easily. 
All in all, the performance in day2day use is nearly identical or at least very close to the one on the Air 2. And that is not really shocking, if we know that the insides are basically the same as they are in iPhone 6s.

The 2017 iPad features the same silicon that’s found in the iPhone 6s, hence it packs enough speed to run iOS 10 without any hiccups. It’s also a capable enough processor to where it can run the latest games, and edit and export 4K video without breaking much of a sweat.

We don’t really believe in benchmarks, so we never run it, but for all of you that do, here is the Geekbench score. 
Credit 9to5mac.


So performance is definitely the strong suit of the new iPad.

Safer and faster, Touch ID

It’s quite amazing how good it works. 
Touch ID on the new iPad must is the same that we find on the Air 2, it accurate, it’s fast and it just works.

Battery life. It will last you.

Packing a 8,610 mAh battery, that is bigger than the one found on the Air 2, so once again thicker is better! 
In our heavy daily usage we failed to kill the battery, and that is impresive, at the end of the day, we had about 20–25% battery left, while on the Air 2 we have about 15–20%. 
If we are using it normally and on wifi, we can get around a week out of it no problem. 
But keep in mind, that if you are connected on LTE the battery will drain faster.

Conclusion, Should You buy it?!

The short answer, Yes!

Make no mistake, Apple did cut corners for iPad to be priced as low as it is, but it cut corners in area, that don’t affect us, the consumers to much. We are sure that those who are not really heavy users, or not so tech savvy will even notice that. 
New iPad is a solid device, that will be a functional for years to come.

Even if you don’t own an iPhone, or any other Apple product, iPad is great and affordable device for streaming media, watching Netflix. It offers a lot, great build, regular updates, it can play every game and it allows you to multitask. 
Its light enough to take it with you, so you don’t get bored on the way to school or job. 
For under 330$ this thing is an absolute still.

HOWEVER, if you can get the Air 2, for around 220$ and don’t mind a bit slower processor, you will get a better screen, lighter and thinner, so more compact body, we suggest you to go with that one.

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