Product Review: Dbrand. The Brand?!

Dbrand the Boss Of Vinyl Skins™

This article and a review was in NO way, shape or from sponsored by the Dbrand. 
Everything that is written below is our honest opinion.

There is a pretty good chance, that a lot of you tech fans already hear about the biggest and the “baddest” company in the world of vinyl skins.
We made the research and brought the skin. 
Here is what we think about the Dbrand and their products.
So please do take a few minutes out of your busy day and read our article about Dbrand, the Boss Of Vinyl Skins™.

Short History Of the Company

Dbrand is Canadian company, that was established in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. The main man behind the big idea is Adam Ijaz. 
Company have had a lot of success since the early days, but their first »million day« has come on the black Friday in the year 2015. 
Their breakthrough was the Nexus line, that is now being replaced with the Pixel Line.
Today, because of their unmatched precision, they are known to basically everyone who loves mobile technology. 
Fun fact: Dbrand is collaborating MKBHD. He even has his own line of skins. The MKBHD Carbon 3 Pack, which is available for every popular flagship phone as well as for Audio-Technica headphones. Definitely another great marketing move pulled by geniuses at Dbrand.


As I’ve already mentioned before, robots have came up with a huge and as far as the price is consider very affordable offer.
By the way, as we are writing this article: Shipping cost is only 1$, that is less than 1€!!

In their extensive offering we can find skins for the following Smartphones:

  • Nexus; 4, 5, 6, 5X, 6P,
  • Pixel; Normal, XL
  • Samsung; Galaxy S7, S7 Active, S7 Edge. Galaxy S6, S6 Active, S6 Ege, S6 Edge +. Note 4, Note 5, Note 7
  • Apple; iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 +, 6s, 6s +, 7, 7+.
  • OnePlus; One, Two, X, 3, 3T.
  • HTC; One M7, One M8, One M9, 10.
  • LG; G3, G4, G5, V20.
  • Motorola (Lenovo); Moto G (2013, 2014, 2015) Moto X (2013, 2014) Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto Z, Moto Z Force.
  • Sony; Xperia Z Ultra, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3C, Z5, Z5 Premium, Z5C.
  • Nextbit; Robin.
  • Asus; Zenfone 2.
  • ZTE; Acon 7.
  • Huawei; P9.

After the successful lunch of the smartphones skins, robots decided to expend their offering onto the tablet market. On their site we can find skins for the most popular Tablets:

  • Apple iPad’s;(Pro, Air 2 and mini 4),
  • Microsoft’s Surface book’s;(Original, 3, Pro 3 and Pro 4).
  • Neuxs; 7 (2012, 2013), Nexus 9.

And it’s only logical too make skins for Laptop’s too, right? Right! 
Well, You can buy skins for the;

  • Macbook’s (Pro 15" 2k16 with touch bar, Pro 13" 2k16 with touch bar, Pro 13" 2k16 without the touch bar, Pro 15" 2k15 Retina, Pro 13" 2k15 Retina, 12 Retina and for the Air line; Air 13, Air 11.
  • Razer’s (Blade Stealth (Late 2016, Blade Stealth (Early 2016, Skylake), Blade 14" (2014–2016, GTX 970M) and for the Blade 14" (Late 2016, GTX 1060).
  • Dell’s XPS 15 and 13 too.

As we mentioned before, Dbrand has skins for everything smart and fun, so they do offer skins for most popular gaming consoles too. If you own;

  • Playstation (3, 4 normal / slim / pro and PS Vita)
  • Xbox (One, One s and for the Xbox 360 controller)

you can customize it!

And the latest addition to Dbrand family, Headphones.
They offer skins for the most popular headphones in the world of tech YouTube.

  • Audio Tehnica; ATH M50, M50x, M40x.

The whole offering can be seen on their website.

Marketing, Presentation and handling the customers


Their marketing approach is very interesting, innovative, humorous and effective. And what is the most important for us — end users, their after-sale department is legit ON FIRE!

And if we take a look at their website we can see that this is “next level” they are years before competition in that regard. nd if we take a look at their website we can see that this is “next level” they are years before competition in that regard. 
We can simply find what we need, and we can find it fast. And when we find it, they made sure that we chose exactly what we want. They have a special tool that is made off real product photography, represented by a precisely accurate skin customizer. And the website alone, is a leading, prime example in the marketing world.

Dbrand’s website

Social Media

Where Dbrand excels once again is in Social media. 
They are present and very active on Twitter: @Dbrand that’s their official account, and the second account that is run by a @Robot, and it is really full of humour and well thought out interesting posts,We do recommend you to follow them on Twitter! 
They do have a profile on Instagram too: They upload every new skin on there.
And the most importantly for us, the end users, they are very active on their YouTube Chanel, where they post, high quality, crispy and detailed video for every popular device.
In every video we find a slice of humour.

After sales

I’ve brought the skin from their before, and unfortunately they’ve got lost on the way to me. So we’ve contacted them via the email, and in less then 24h I’ve got a mail back saying that they are sorry to hear that, And even tho that was not their fault they send me new skin, and they did without any questions, or problems.. 
I guess that there are still company’s out there that do really value there customers. And that in our book.

Advantage: Dbrand

Their biggest advantage is without a doubt quality, hey — no matter how nice or fair someone is, if the product itself it’s not on point, no one would ever buy it, right? Right!

Dbrand quality is on another level, let me explain: “The Boss Of Vinyl Skin”, “the most precise fit on earth” “It’s not a product, It’s a couture™”…

After trying out a lot of skins manufacturers I can tell you that this sayings are as real as it gets!

Before theme I was using skins from another well known manufacture for my Nexus 6 and also for my Nexus 6P and let me tell you that the quality it’s just not there. Skins are not cut nearly as good as Dbrand’s are, they don’t stick as nearly as good as theirs do. and their after sales department.. Well let’s just say they could use some classes in professionalism from the robots.

Precise fit, unmatched precision, great customer service, great after sales department, sense of humour, great web site design, open to suggestion,.. That’s what’s Dbrand is all about.

The actual product


All of their products come in a very quality and a “personal” the “Dbrand touch” envelope, inside that envelope there is another a bit more rugged envelope that is there to ensure our skins will come in a mint condition, untouched.
They do also include high quality microfiber cleaning cloth with their logo, a very nice touch!

Inner envelope

Concrete skin for Nexus 6P

Thanks to the real life customizer picking the skin was easy! 
We ended up going with the concrete skin with the full Nexus lettering.

This skin give us a visual and textured felling of a concrete. As you can see on the pictures below, the skin fit absolutely perfectly. You can see that there is nothing wrong with the skin, even tho I am a bit of clumsy in putting on skins with their video it was easy, it took me about 15 minutes to get it just right, it would probably be a lot less if I would have a slightly calmer hand.

The skin was on the phone for testing purposes for 20 days. 
During the testing period the skin was exposed to various scenarios, I’ve used my phone in and out of the Verus case, I’ve used it indoor and outdoor, It was with us in amusement park, in the gym, in collage, and in and out of my pockets.
After the terminal testing we can say that the skin hold up better than we've expected!

The texture of the skin did help a lot with the handling the phone itself. The extra grip did make us feel more secure and a bit more calm when using it without a case.

In the end we absolutely do recommend the skin as it helps with the grip and secures the phone from scratches, on top of that it adds on the visuals, so you have a feeling you are using a brand new phone, with a bit of urban flavour!

Here are some pics of the skin itself:

Back side
Precision is out of this world!
The Perfect FIT!

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