Your commercial calibration lab provides important services for essential businesses, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, aviation companies, and manufacturing facilities. The calibration process is very hands-on and requires in-house operations.

So, how can you keep operations running efficiently and safely during this global pandemic?

The answer to that question lies in understanding how to apply the principles of lean management to commercial calibration. Metquay commercial calibration management software is built on the principles of lean management, making it perfectly equipped to help your lab improve its efficiency now and in the future.

Applying Lean Management to a Commercial Calibration Lab

Here are some ways that your commercial calibration…


We have always spoken with absolute conviction to all those who asked us for a direct data acquisition module that “one day some OEM is going to build a connector for Metquay to consume and we are ready for that”.

With MET/CONNECT, Fluke has closed the long existed gap between calibration software and the calibration equipment! Metconnect coupled with Metquay worksheets is going to do wonders for our existing & future customers.

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As a calibration software vendor to third party calibration labs, we had the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the success stories of a bunch of calibration labs across the globe. From our experience thus far, the successful ones have a few things in common which make them stand out amongst the competition.

Our customer success team in Metquay has managed to put together the following good practices which any commercial calibration lab could adopt to achieve growth and customer satisfaction.

All of them have an impressive quality system in place

For most of the calibration labs in the market, the quality system starts and ends with the quality…

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How could that be true? Spreadsheets cost a lot less compared to buying a feature-packed calibration management software like Metquay right?

Well, that may not be the case!

Let’s do a ballpark calculation based on some assumptions.

The hourly wage of an entry-level calibration technician in the United States is roughly $22 per hour (

Let’s assume Metquay saves your technician 15 minutes a day

Is your calibration software implementation plan people-centric?

For every lab, transitioning to a new calibration software is a challenging task. While focussing most of your energy and time on choosing the right product, negotiating the price features, etc. there is this one aspect which is completely overlooked most of the time. You may not realize it until the rollout is delayed and cost overruns put the project in the red zone.

Why do people matter?

“ if you want to change your organisation, start with your people”

The most valuable resource of any calibration lab is undoubtedly its people. The…

Even in this era of cutting edge technology, most of the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and testing labs across the globe rely on excel sheets to calculate measurement uncertainty and calibration certificate preparation. Needless to say, as time moves on the entire process would become cumbersome and error prone.

One of the primary reasons for labs to choose excel sheets to manage their measurement uncertainty over calibration management software is the flexibility excel sheets provide in managing the formulae. …

Fluke 709/709H Precision Current Loop Calibrator

The Fluke 709H comes with hart communication and supports a wide set of hart commands. The calibrator is compact and powerful with built-in data logging function.

Document the parameters in your lab: Using tracking software that comes along with the device you could capture and document the parameters from the transmitters in standard file formats such as .csv, .txt, etc. This data could be later transferred to calibration software viz Metquay for further analysis and reporting.

Troubleshooting: While in the communicator mode the user can read device information and perform diagnostics on most hart…

Mandatory should have’s of a Quality Management Software for Calibration & Testing

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Every Calibration & Testing business needs a reliable and robust Quality Management Software to deliver good quality service with a lesser turn around and high profitability. In this article, we talk about the quintessential features every lab manager or Calibration & Testing business owner should look for while evaluating a Quality Management Software.

User-defined data sheets & test reports

The core of every calibration or testing process or rather the most tangible proof of calibration & testing is the datasheets and the reports that are handed over to…

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A commercial calibration lab is a service business which deals with the calibration of a wide variety of measuring instruments across multiple scopes such as pressure, electrical, temperature, torque,dimentional etc.

The profitability of a commercial calibration business depends on two main factors

(i) Cost efficiency and delivery speed ( more jobs in less amount of time) (ii) Compliance to quality standards. ( checks and balances, paperwork)

It is almost impossible to achieve both at the same time if you use conventional asset management or gauge tracking software. …

Learn how Robotic Process Automation could revolutionize the way you run your calibration business.

What is RPA?

RPA(Robotic process automation) is an automation technology built on the concept of bots which are programs that could perform rules-driven business processes. Bots can imitate activities such as data entry & validation, periodic report preparation, sending email alerts etc. Organisations could improve productivity and save money by automating labour intensive and repetitive jobs by employing RPA.

How Calibration Labs could benefit from RPA?

Problem 1: Data Migration from legacy systems

A typical calibration lab 10 years or older would be using at least…

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