Your commercial calibration lab provides important services for essential businesses, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, aviation companies, and manufacturing facilities. The calibration process is very hands-on and requires in-house operations.

So, how can you keep operations running efficiently and safely during this global pandemic?

The answer to that question lies…


We have always spoken with absolute conviction to all those who asked us for a direct data acquisition module that “one day some OEM is going to build a connector for Metquay to consume and we are ready for that”.

With MET/CONNECT, Fluke has closed the long existed gap between calibration software and the calibration equipment! Metconnect coupled with Metquay worksheets is going to do wonders for our existing & future customers.
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A commercial calibration lab is a service business which deals with the calibration of a wide variety of measuring instruments across multiple scopes such as pressure, electrical, temperature, torque,dimentional etc.

The profitability of a commercial calibration business depends on two main factors

(i) Cost efficiency and delivery speed ( more…

Learn how Robotic Process Automation could revolutionize the way you run your calibration business.

What is RPA?

RPA(Robotic process automation) is an automation technology built on the concept of bots which are programs that could perform rules-driven business processes. Bots can imitate activities such as data entry & validation, periodic…

Metquay Inc.

A software product company based on the Delaware United States focusing on Calibration, Testing & Asset Management Solutions for various industries.

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