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Amid a global health pandemic where the whole world is focused on trying to stay alive and healthy, there are grown men in Afghanistan blowing up maternity wards. Killing dozens of newborn children, their mothers and pregnant women expecting to give birth at any minute. There are grown men who for the sake of political power, religion, culture and an apparent fight for stability woke up one morning and came to the consensus that killing women and newborn children was a ingenious plan.

Why is no one talking about this? It is understandable that during a global health pandemic foreign…

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Title image for music video introducing ‘Katy Patra.’

Depictions of Egyptian culture in popular culture.


‘Dark Horse’ a song recorded by well-known American artist, Katy Perry, was released on September 17, 2013. The song came to be a commercial success in the United States, Canada and Europe. Although the song itself seemed to be a success, the accompanying music video has invited mixed reactions from the public. The music video has accumulated approximately 2.5 billion views on YouTube to date. The video depicts Perry as a strong, female Egyptian pharaoh, which she has named ‘Katy Patra,’ being courted by (coloured) men, attempting to win her heart. The video features various symbols, clothing, jewellery and backgrounds…

Metrah Haidari

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