Rebuilding 200,000 lines of code from scratch: A review of a major software project
Jay Shah

It’s interesting to see what companies/people choose laravel over zend framework. A few years ago I wanted to learn ZF2 because it looked really promising compared to a lot of other frameworks of the time (Cake, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc). I wanted something with a lot of support from a big company and good documentation.

It had a huge learning curve but once I got over it the results have been great. I had to buy a book because online tutorials didn’t go deep enough. Their online docs are a little tough to navigate but once you get the hang of it finding what you want is pretty simple.

ZF2 is pretty rigid but I like how well defined it is. Make is really tough to start making SQL calls in the middle of a template or a controller.

When you were picking server side frameworks did you look at books or just the developer’s tutorials?

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