Announcing Metricsbird: Cloud monitoring as a service

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Discover a new way to monitor your infrastructure and applications with Metricsbird.

There are 100s of paid and open source products that can monitor anything with near absolute perfection. But there is one small, underserved segment.

Open source observability tools like Prometheus and Grafana need a lot of developer effort to set up and make them work perfectly. In large organizations where there is no dearth of resources, putting together a team of engineers and get them set these up is very easy.

Paid tools like Datadog and New Relic are highly expensive with their per host or service billing. Again here too, in enterprises, money is not an issue. The company will spend any amount of money to ensure they’ve access to the best products for their team to work with.

It’s the startups that don’t have any option. For a startup with a team size of less than 100 engineers, it’s absolutely difficult to put together a separate team to make these open source products work. They’d rather focus all the developer effort in building their core product. And with the per host or service billing by the paid products, their monitoring cost sometimes is higher or in most cases equivalent to their infrastructure cost.

That’s where Metricsbird comes in. Our product is targeted towards developers and devops teams at early to growth stage startups with a super-attractive pricing plan and a plug-and-play monitoring infrastructure. Check us out at and signup with our launch promo pricing.

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