Everything You Need To Know About Getting Ready For Menopause

Much like men, women can look forward to a marked decline in their primary hormones as they enter their older years. This change can make them feel hot, achy, emotional and tired among many other things. It also indicates the onset of menopause or the time during which a woman ceases to menstruate. Menopause should not be confused with perimenopause, which is the rough patch that precedes these years.

A decrease in female hormones can also lead to aesthetic issues such as hair loss across the pate, particularly at the temples and the crown of the head. It can also cause women to develop new facial hair. This hair is usually coarse and white or dark black and thick. Ultimately, it is far more noticeable than the tiny, fine hairs that may have been in these areas before.

Other problems that are common around this time include loss of bone density. Older women have to be more conscious of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Eating a nutrient dense diet and performing both cardiovascular and strength-building exercises can limit the likelihood of these illnesses.

Hot flashes and night sweats are other things to look forward to as are the thinning of tissues and the gradual atrophy of muscles in the pelvic region. These last changes increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence. Finally, ladies can expect to have diminished energy at this time.

It is vital to note, however, that maintaining good physical and mental health throughout life is key. The body has more than one way of producing estrogen. As the ovaries begin to wind down, the adrenals tend to kick in to provide the extra pep that the body needs. Women who spend their thirties and forties under extreme stress may be at the point of adrenal failure right at the time perimenopause arises. The detrimental results of this condition make it vital for women of all ages to be cognizant of what adrenal failure is, its potential future impact on their body, and the best natural strategies for preventing and reversing this issue.