Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

Cat litter got more expensive, so that was $35 instead of $30 for two bags. Got a hot dog, $2, then I ran to Wal-Mart and found a card(as planned) and some Cadbury Creme eggs and a jar of baby dill pickles(not planned.) I had a $5 gift card, so that ended up costing $4.75. Went to the surprise party for my coworker, which was a pretty good time, then came home and had received a book in the mail, so I spent the rest of the evening reading & poking at my tiny Aerogarden herbs.

Got breakfast on Saturday, $16 after discount, then walked up the street to catch a single pokemon/pokestop and keep our respective streaks going. It was super cold, so we did that and immediately headed home to thaw out. Husband had ordered a flagpole and Ohio flag, which arrived on Friday, so he went outside to put it up and realized the bracket that was already there was only 3/4 inch and the flag pole was 1 inch. After some searching, it seems like 3/4 inch flagpoles aren’t really a thing you can buy at this point, so he found a 1-inch bracket at Lowe’s and we went and got that(he paid), then headed outside to install it. We were able to use the existing drilled holes from the old bracket for the bottom, but had to drill new ones for the top, which broke the drill bit we were using, thankfully on the last hole. The finished product looks pretty good! We’ve broken other bits and our set was getting sparse on the thinner end, so we went to Harbor Freight to buy a replacement bit set, $4.26, before heading to a brewery to get another stamp on our Brew Path passports. We each tried 4 beers and we split a sausage sampler and an order of loaded tots, funded by a late-arriving wedding gift check that didn’t get responsibly deposited in the bank with the rest. When we finished there, we went next door to the grocery store in the same plaza. I picked up the things I needed to make red beans & rice, plus a couple of other things that were on the grocery list, $16. My replacement Modcloth dinosaur blazer also arrived while we were out, which was delightful! Came home, read some more, then watched Star Trek Beyond(Prepaid Amazon rental.)

Sunday, I got up and started on the chopping for red beans & rice, which took for. ev. er. and then turned out okay, but not amazing. I have lunches for the week, though, so that’s something. Then I started on the bags of lemons and limes I picked up last weekend, another project that took a ridiculous amount of time(I have a stand juicer but it wasn’t getting much out of the limes, so I was doing that first, then using my ceramic juicer to get the rest out of them before straining it all to keep the pulp out) and yielded two cups of lime juice and a cup and a half of lemon juice. By the time I was done juicing them, I was done, so I didn’t end up making my sour mix after all. Maybe this week! Husband watched Nascar and did school work (plotted out a 16-book March Madness reading bracket) while I did my food prep and then hung up some hooks and storage doodads in the guest room so I could get some purses off the bed. Talked to Mom, ate hot dogs (without tater tots, because having them 2x in a weekend is too many tater tots), went to bed.

Estimated $100, actual $76.01

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