Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Estimated $80…sort of, but not really, managed it.

Friday, I went thrifting and spent $44 on 4 pairs of shoes, a pair of shorts, a tank top from Old Navy with the tags still on, and the most glorious vintage carry-on bag. Hit up a couple of other thrift stores, but didn’t find anything there I needed to have. Bought myself a 7-layer burrito, $3, then went home and watched The Road, an episode of The West Wing, and an episode of Drop Dead Diva, which I always think I should watch and then never do. Husband came home from trivia having beaten the school board team, so he was happy about that — and they found out that admissions for Kindergarten are ahead of where they were at the same time last year, so that probably means his job is safe for next year…but it’s not certain, so we shall see.

Saturday was gross weather-wise but otherwise glorious — we slept in, I cleaned the downstairs shower(husband uses it and his tolerance for ick is evidently *muuuch* higher than mine) and got him set up with a designated shower-scrubbing brush so he can do the maintenance. I tried to get my newly-purchased Grid-It set up for our trip Friday, but it turned out to be too tall for my purse, so I ordered a smaller one($10 from a rewards program-issued gift card.) I emptied and cleaned my purse, got wished happy cleaning by Jolie Kerr, made myself a kaiser roll banh mi for lunch, read a book, took a nap, and made cheeseburger casserole for dinner. Husband applied for a job at the top school in our county and I helped him with a cover letter. We also watched some back episodes of Speechless and Black-ish. At 10:15 PM, I realized I was going to lose my Pokemon streak, so I left the house for the first time all day to cross the church parking lot across from our house and spin the Pokestop there.

Then on Sunday, our wedding photographer came over with prints we’d ordered of some of our pictures. $48, but since they were for my mom, she’s sending me a check — so I’m not counting it. The prints will go home with my dad, who’s actually coming to town on Tuesday. He’ll be here for work, but we’ll at least get a dinner or two in with him while he’s here before we leave. After she left, we went and dropped off our rent check and met some former derby friends who had just run the Hall of Fame marathon (as a relay team) for brunch. They lost track of what parking deck they’d left their car in, so we were there a while longer than planned. We used a wedding gift card, which is good since drinks and appetizers add up when you wait 45 minutes longer than planned— total ended up being $66 with 20% tip. We went over to Husband’s mom’s to give her copies of some of the photos and hang out, then came home by way of the grocery store (Husband paid) and Pizza Hut($8)

Estimated under $80, actual $131(but of that, $76 was gift cards, so I at least managed to only spend $55 of my own actual money?)

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