Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday, I spent $33 to get groceries and $10 cash back. Then went home & changed so we could go sell many beers to fairgoers. I realized I’m definitely not of the fair crowd since I was wearing my Frye boots instead of the Ariat Fatbabies that were literally EVERYWHERE. Drank some hard root beers(free since we were working the beer stand) and ate a corn dog(free since Husband-elect paid.) Went to the sheep/goat barn to pet some goats and discovered there were only sheep there(?!?), so we went to the horse barn and petted noses. Wrapped up our shift at the beer barn at 10:30 and went home.

Saturday we got up early to go see if balloons were taking off. Bad weather was coming, though, so they didn’t even inflate on the ground. Walked around the university campus that hosts the balloon festival collecting pokemon, then went back to the car when it started to get hot. Got home and got a text from a friend asking if we wanted to get lunch at the restaurant where she’ s picking up some evening shifts as a dishwasher, so we went and did that, which was AMAZING. Had some fried provolone appetizery thing that tasted like Pizza Hut pizza crusts and a bowl of beef short ribs in marinara over spinach, Husband-elect had a garlic herb turkey wrap & a beer, $40 with tip. If we go back and don’t get the appetizer and beer, and I don’t order a soda water that’s actually a bottle of club soda, we could do dinner there for $20, so that’s definitely going to happen again. We went home and walked through a dog adoption fair and wellness festival going on in the park by our house, where we petted some dogs & confirmed we don’t need one of our own. Then we went home and I started putting together our various pork based dishes. The honey garlic baked pork turned out watery, probably because it was an Aldi pork loin containing “solution” aka “you paid us pork price for salty water”, but was pretty good despite that. The Kalua pig was really good, this was the first time I’d made it in the instant pot and an hour and a half was way better than the hours of simmering it requires in the crock pot.

Our friend who we’d gotten lunch with came over for dinner before the show(she knows the singer in the band & had invited us), then we trekked out to the show, about half an hour away in a town none of us knew. There was a big free parking lot, which was great, and a terrible bartender who just kept bitching about how her coworker was maybe trying to steal from her? I didn’t follow the whole production but she was both awful and complainy, which is not great — and she kept telling the band to turn things down, which is not how live bands in bars really work? It was a weird scene and we left after their second set, having heard Kickstart My Heart and Flagpole Sitta. Stopped for gas on the way home, $23 because I’d forgotten I was low.

Yesterday we slept in, then got up & dressed to go to Husband-elect’s brother’s company picnic. It was nice, we met a few of his coworkers and the food was really good, plus the location was one of those lake-based parks that’s pretty to wander even if you’re not swimming. We stopped at Target on the way home so Husband-elect could get coffee and a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, then dropped off the rent check & went home to read(him Harry Potter, me Courtney Milan) in the air conditioning.

Estimated $40, actual $96 with surprise meal out and gas purchasing.

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