Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

Friday, I spent the $60 on Husband-elect’s birthday Roku, which I’m hoping will arrive before his birthday Thursday.

Saturday, we went to the thrift & recycle store, where we met some excellent puppies and spent $0 because most of what they had was pieces for projects, not finished products. Went home, where I saw on facebook that a local farm-to-table restaurant was wrapping up the run of their Reuben burgers — so we had late lunch reuben burgers(with leftovers) + happy hour apps + a taster of a local brewery’s 10+% ABV belgian ale for $48(38.21 plus tip.) Then Husband-elect watched basketball and I went out thrifting, returning with a new thermal top(my go-to winter PJ shirt has grown increasingly holey and sad, so the time for replacement had come) and a flannel, plus a pair of Vibram FiveFingers that are already posted to Ebay and a Michael Buble CD , all for $5.32.

Then on Sunday we got up, talked to my mom, & went to the gym, then met his mom and brother for birthday dinner Mexican food. She paid for everyone, which was lovely, then we went over to her house to hang out for a while and eat birthday cheesecake. On our way home, we stopped at Target so Husband-elect could buy a can of Fix-a-Flat so he can drive his old car to the dealer that’s hopefully going to buy it from him today(plus a jar of garlic alfredo sauce and some cinnamon bears and sour patch kids.) Came home & made a zucchini noodle bake for today’s lunch, plus a white pizza with some salami for the tiny bit of dinner we wanted, plus leftovers.

Estimate: $125

Actual: $113.32, woo!

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