Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

Friday at lunch, I ran to the drugstore and picked up concealer and a brow pencil that can live in my purse, $5 total. Went home, took photos of boots, and got them posted online. I started the Fluevog auction at $75 and have already gotten one bid, so fingers crossed for more. The Timberlands I posted for $20 and have no bids yet. They may take a while. Had leftovers for dinner & did not do the planned closet purge, as it just sounded exhausting. Rented She’s All That from Google Play, $1.50 with 50% off promo from Google. I did manage to do a load of laundry, so some level of actual productivity was achieved.

Saturday we were going to walk over to our town’s Main Street Festival in the morning, but then after finishing my hair and makeup I went in the basement to clean catboxes and discovered that there was a trickle of water running from the utility sink. We cleaned up the room so we could call the landlord to come investigate, but something in the cleaning process(possibly a fortuitous bump to the utility sink) stopped the trickle and kept it stopped. So now our basement is clean at least? We’re keeping an eye on it but I turned both faucets on full-blast and there was no leaking.

The cleanup revealed that we needed a new floor scrub brush(the current one’s bristles were too long and had bent in a weird pattern), so we went to Home Depot for a replacement deck scrub brush to fit the existing handle, plus a mop since we can no longer get refills for our old one(RIP Michael Graves Target collection.) Husband-elect paid for the mop and brush, and while we were there I also picked up a push broom for the garage, $10. I had a $10 birthday reward to spend at World Market, so we stopped there and picked up some shawarma seasoning, fancy jalapeno cheese puffs, kimchi hot sauce, and a pepperoni snack stick, requiring $1 in additional funds.

Went home and mixed up the shawarma seasoning to marinate some chicken thighs, then we walked to the festival. Neither of us had any significant cash, so it was really just a dog-watching expedition. Husband-elect paid $1 to throw a ball at a dunk tank/dunk a member of the high school cross country team, since the girl who was trying to get people to throw made a Parks & Rec joke(he was wearing his Knope We Can in 2012 shirt.) I made longing eyes at the roasted corn stand, but they didn’t take cards so we came home and grilled the chicken. Husband-elect watched some nascar and baseball, I watched some Good Eats and ate leftover cake icing from our Thursday cake tasting.

Yesterday we slept in, then headed to the zoo, where we met up with a friend and saw critters both real(baby snow leopard!) and imagined (40+ Pokemon caught), then went for pho and banh mi. Amazing, also $35 with tip.

estimated 45, actual $52.50 Whee!

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