Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Going to the parents’ new house to help my mom sort the mountain of STUFF that’s been in storage for the 10 years they were in Australia. We’ll be hanging around the house for the most part, so it should be a pretty cheap weekend.

I leave work in two hours and fly out of Cleveland this afternoon, and I have Larabars, a book, my ipod, and a fully charged phone plus backup battery. Parking is prepaid, so my only expense should be some tea or at least hot water for the peppermint tea bags I’ve packed — does $4 for airport tea sound reasonable? I spent $18 at Walgreens last night for Cepacol(gross, but effective) and Cold-eeze(..less gross, and I woke up feeling alive!) and 5 pills of generic Claritin that so far don’t actually seem necessary, so I don’t foresee needing anything. I’ve got soup here in the office, so I’ll have that before I leave and we’ll get dinner somewhere when I get to Austin. I’ve tried to pay before, it never goes well, so free for me.

Saturday, The Sorting. I’m taking 2 suitcases nested together, but have been offered the use of one of their large suitcases if it’s needed. I’m genuinely unsure how much stuff I’m coming back with…

On Sunday we’ll be going to church and having dinner with all of the family(maybe, there was talk of one of my cousins having some Cub Scout activity), so hurray for barbecue! We’re delivering dress-up clothes and toys to the little cousins, so dinner and hanging out is at their house. Littlest cousin is six and…look, I feel a little weird using “slay girl, slay” in reference to a six year old, but it’s all that fits. Kiddo’s got girly skills I would kill to have, so she’s going to be pumped about dress-up clothes.

Then on Monday we’ll sort some more before I head to the airport in the afternoon. The weekend overall will either be a grand old time or my mother and I will murder each other 3 months before my wedding. Wish me luck!

Estimate: $20, because I’m feeling better today so some garbagey snacks will probably happen in the airport. Plus I have to come home and pay rent.

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