Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Gonna be spendy.

Tonight, we have no plans beyond brats for dinner. I need(NEED!) barbecue potato chips and a bamboo shelf unit for a weird corner in my bathroom that is currently underused because the only shelving unit are small enough to fit is only 7 inches wide in a 13-inch wide space — that’ll be $25, (I think?) if they have the shelf still. It was a first-week-of-May deal at Aldi, so they may or may not. I’ll grab some lunch while I’m out, $8. If Husband hasn’t already, we’ll go to the store tonight to get his mom’s Mother’s Day gift, an additional insert or two for the yard sign frame we got her for Christmas.

Tomorrow we’re going on a road trip! We’re scheduled to pick up our heirloom tomato plants out toward PA, so we’re first going to hit up the Grove City outlets. I want a black pair of the Columbia pants I wore to Utah, so fingers crossed they have them. I don’t know if they’ll have them in my size or how much they will be, but I suspect somewhere in the $30s. There are other stores I want to check out, but clothes-wise I’m pretty set, so…$50 max? I’m not currently on the hunt for anything kitcheny or housey, so that should be a reasonable cap. I’ve lived in Northeast Ohio for 20+ years at this point and never been to Grove City, so this has an exploratory component beyond just “let’s go to some stores.” We’ll probably get some lunch before we pick up tomatoes so the plants don’t overheat in the car…$20. Then it’s time for tomato pickup! I already paid, so pickup is free, plus $20 at most if the store hosting the pickup has something super cute. Then home to get tomatoes in the ground, free since we’re reusing last year’s tomato cages, and catch up on TV, also free!

Sunday…I don’t know. I just texted Husband’s mom to see if there’s a plan or if we should make one, so we’ll see. We may go to a local place that does Thanksgiving-y food, or they may all come to our house for dinner. $60 either way — if we go out, or if we have to get groceries. I do need to get a gift in the mail for my mom(she’s on a road trip and won’t be home til June, so I really just need to beat her home), but I have a little time to take care of that. Which is good since my best plan, a set of sheets like the ones she really liked on our guest bed, is failing me. They’re 100% cotton sateen, but they’re private-labeled and I don’t know who the brand was to repurchase. I suspect they came from TJ Maxx, so I will give them a look next week.

Estimating $222. Oof.