Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Half day Fri-YAY! (Plus interview)

Today I have to get lunch($10), return a couple of dresses(+$30ish), and meander my way to the interview site this afternoon. Interview from 3:30–5, then home. No plans for dinner, but we have ground beef and taco seasoning so that may be a plan.

Tomorrow, I have a pasta salad recipe with feta and chickpeas and lemon and spinach — have to get cavatappi and a lemon plus other groceries, $20. There’s a local crafty market down the street we may walk to, and an estate sale in a cool old neighborhood, so maybe $20 between the two.

Sunday, we’re working a closed-door derby bout in the morning, then have no plans. I may go buy another rosemary — I went too far to the “it can survive anything” side of things and I’m pretty sure I killed it through underwatering out of fear of killing it through overwatering. Cost: $18 and my eternal shame, but at least I know where to find another one?

Estimating $70 but getting $30 back. Is $40 really doable? LET’S FIND OUT!

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