Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hurray weekend!

Tonight we’re making sesame-ginger chicken tacos, but I have everything for that already. We’ve both been listening to The West Wing Weekly, so we may watch some episodes of that to refresh for the podcast discussion.

Tomorrow we’re going to an heirloom plant sale (one of Husband-elect’s former coworkers teaches art and also runs an heirloom tomato/pepper/herb micro-farm) to pick up some fancy tomato options I just finished ordering. We’re getting purple pear, sweet carneros, red brandywine, and pointy blush- 4 plants @ $6 each=$24.

Then our favorite midcentury furniture shop is opening for the season-the building is unheated, in Ohio. It’s definitely a seasonal deal. Their facility is an old 40,000 SF warehouse that they’ve just finished the upstairs in, so they’ve doubled their already huge space for inventory. We probably won’t actually buy anything, but it’s always super fun to look. There’s NASCAR on Saturday night(vs its regular time on Sunday), so Husband-elect will watch that, and I’ll do…something. I have a library book on North Korean abductions, so I might read that. We know how to party.

Sunday we’ll try to get up and moving in time to make it to the gym before my mom calls, then I’ll talk to her. The only project I have for the day is finding a spot to set up the Aerogarden I bought off a friend yesterday — it’s taller & my cabinets are shorter than I expected, so the kitchen counter plan I was working with is a no-go and now I’m kind of stymied. She gave me some plant-your-own seed sponges and system-appropriate liquid nutrients, so I’m going to plant seeds for some of the herbs I had planned for outside and see how they go. I may also hit up the neighborhood thrift stores for appropriate comfy pants for our Australia flight(I already have a long cardigan with pockets and a supersoft t-shirt)- $10 at most.

I did a grocery run yesterday, so we’re probably set on food for the week. Maybe $15 for things that didn’t get added to the list.

$24 + $10 + $15 = $49.

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