Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

I did pretty well, actually.

$20 that I’d already spent as of posting my estimate Friday(burritos, sudafed, and a leather jacket for a friend), plus $12 and change on Pita Pit. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not a chicken kebab, so the hunt continues. We watched some TV and had a quiet night.

Saturday, I got a message from my friend that after birthday celebrations the night before, she was going to have to cancel dinner, so instead we hung out at the house, did some cleaning, and went to the park to get some steps and find some Pokemon (it was 65 degrees — In February. I appreciate the respite, but not at the cost of all of the ground we’ll collectively give up when the ice caps fully melt.) We hit up Target for cat food(Husband paid) before going to a local brewery to have a beer and get our passports for the local Convention and Visitors’ Bureau’s new Brew Path project. 14 breweries are official stops, then there are another 8 or so that are recommended for a visit (due to being either off the beaten path or not open yet.) Husband paid for our beers, and we got our passports and stamps, then headed home. A friend who’s getting married soonish came over to pick up a card box we were briefly custodians of. It’s a big hulking wooden thing, and we’re the 6th couple to use it at our wedding and pass it on. She’s also a teacher, so she and husband got into some teacher talk and she got to visit with our cats(her fiance is allergic), so it was a good visit for all involved. Then we headed out to take advantage of a b1g1 deal on steak wraps ($17, not even close to a substitute for kebabs) and get drinks at a second brewery(Husband paid.) We were able to sit out on the patio, and after posting about the brew path passports, we both got free t-shirts(pickup tbd.) Came home and watched a little tv and our weirdo cats, then crashed.

Sunday morning was equally pretty, so we walked down the street to a breakfast place and feasted, $20. The NASCAR race that was supposed to be Saturday got rained out, so they ran that on Sunday and Husband watched while I ran to Sam’s for meat to grill(and impulse-buy gf crackers and a giant tub of pimiento cheese spread, $29) and Home Depot for dark opal basil seeds & cilantro seeds to grow in the Aerogarden I’m verrrry slowly setting up, $3. Went home and made a sheet pan’s worth of baked potatoes, cooked all of the steaks, and ate a late lunch/early dinner. Husband wanted to go get Menchie’s, so we did that and he picked up the tab, then we ran to the drugstore to get a syringe for proper liquid Aerogarden nutrient dosing, $2.

Estimated a very suspect $165, Actual $103!

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