I’ve had both a Lodge ($50) and a Le Creuset ($200) dutch oven, and honestly, they were exactly the…

I have a Le Creuset 5.5 quart Ronde in Soleil(Bed Bath and Beyond clearance, $99 minus a 20% discount) and a Rachael Ray 7 quart oval dutch oven in blue (BB&B clearance again — it was supposed to be discounted to either $39 or $49, but the 3 and the 4 got written over each other and the cashier read them as a dollar sign, so it was $9) and they behave very similarly in use. 
The LC is prettier with its gradient finish, and cleans up easier — if it hadn’t been so heavily discounted from the $330 retail price, I would not have bought it — and if I had, I would probably be disappointed that it didn’t cook the food FOR me.

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