I’ve had reasonable luck with eshakti, which does made-to-order clothes.
Romie Stott

I have an unearthly love of eShakti, particularly their cotton knit fit and flare dress, style CL0032310(had to look that up, as it has also been called the pleat neck fit and flare dress in the past.) I have it in several sleeve length and color combinations, and it’s an incredibly wonderful basic. Easily dress-up-or-down-able, works well with a variety of jackets if I want to add a layer for comfort or style reasons, and they can play as casual with a sandal or dressier with a heel. Plus POCKETS, which I love because I am a grown human making her way in the world and sometimes I want to have things with me without hauling a purse around.

I always do the custom sizing since I am, at least by their size chart, a 22 at the bust, a 20 at the waist, and an 18 at the hip. I’m also 5'2", and clothing designers tend to think that if I am gonna be so fat all the time(thaaaaanks PCOS), I should at least have the decency to be 5'8" or more. Since I’m not, reasonably priced custom clothing is a wonderful thing.

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