Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I hit Aldi on my lunch break on Friday, spending $28 for life essentials like romaine, smoked ham lunchmeat, and their knockoff girl scout cookies. We went to Five Guys for dinner on Friday- a $20 birthday gift card plus $8 got us both a burger(a burger in a bowl with sauteed mushrooms and onions is AMAZING), regular size order of fries, and a drink. We did not realize how large their regular size fry was, so we had leftovers. We went to the grocery store so Husband-elect could get bread and salami for lunches, then went home and went to bed, because we know how to party.

Saturday morning we went and ordered flowers for the wedding — 4 corsages (for both of our moms and his grandmas) and 3 boutonnières (for Husband-elect, his grandpa, and my dad.) Then we ran to the grocery store for wine to take to Thanksgiving, and I discovered that New Belgium has a gluten-reduced beer called Glutiny, which I bought strictly because of the name($18). It’s pretty good! It was super gross and rainy, so we did not put up the additional christmas lights. I went to my hair and makeup appointments, $125 plus $20 tip and I’m really happy with the results. Came home and did some cleaning, then put on a dress(when you have wedding hair and 20 false eyelash clusters going, a t-shirt and jeans just don’t cut it) and went to the surprise 40th birthday party for our friend. It was a blast, got to see lots of people I love and because the location is super close to home, still got to go to bed at a reasonable hour(I am old before my time, this is far more of a priority for me than most of my friends.) Husband elect paid, $20.

Sunday, I woke up and disassembled my hair(it even looked good after being slept on, so that feels like an accomplishment and a good sign for the wedding) before taking a shower. We went to the grocery store for cereal, milk, and cat food(somehow our herd of dummies has gotten incredibly hungry lately, so we ran out of food a day ahead of schedule), plus hamburger buns so we could have burgers with our reheated leftover fries. Husband-elect got everything but my dumb gluten free buns, so $6. I went to meet my friend for the shoe handoff, then stopped at Goodwill on the way back home and spent $16 on a narrow metal shelving unit, a pair of low-heeled Taos mary janes, some Jennifer Lopez flats to replace my much-loved-and-it-shows silver flats, and a pair of super fantastic, broken-in red cowboy boots. I also hit up another thrift store, but after carrying around a new with tags Banana Republic scarf for a while, I decided I didn’t like it $8 worth and headed home.

Estimated $77, actually spent $76.

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