What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

I leave work at 5, get home by 5:40, and feed the cats if I’m the first one home. If I’m not and Husband has made better time than I did(and thus fed the 3-cat herd), I usually start dinner prep as soon as I get home, either making something new or reheating leftovers, generally with an eye to eating no later than 6:30. We talk while I prep, about what went on at school/work that day and things that need to get done. We then shift into a go for a walk/gym or library visit/watch TV/talk/get house chores done mix for a couple of hours. I try to do most grocery shopping during my lunch breaks, just because it seems foolish to wait until after work, when I can be doing things I like, to go handle the chore-type grocery shopping(I like grocery shopping/browsing, but there’s minimal fascination to be had with “pick up a pound of ground turkey and a cabbage.”) We tend to be in bed by about 10, since Husband has an hour drive each way and teaches school, so he has to be up early.

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