Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I really think I could make it through the weekend without spending anything(not that I’m going to try, but I think it would be doable.) I bought a nightstand last night(2x3 Threshold cube organizer from Target in Avington finish), so I need to assemble that and transfer things over.

We’re planning on taking down the tree this weekend plus setting up/testing the new one, which was $50 at Home Depot (for a prelit 6.5' tree with white/color switching LED lights!) Our current $39 Walmart tree tried to not fully light up when we first set it up this year before springing to light as we tried to figure out which bulb had burned out, and we’ve had it for 6 years, so it seemed like it was time(and the 50% off sale helped.) New tree’s a bit bigger around than our current tree, so we want to both confirm it works before it goes into storage for the duration of the return period, and confirm it’ll fit in our go-to tree spot.

I have a Land’s End parka to return to Sears(followed the size chart, ended up with a coat that could have contained a whole ‘nother person) now that the replacement has arrived and is splendid. I may browse a little while we’re there to see if they have any 2nd generation Hue bulbs on clearance. I have some in-store-only reward points, though, so I will cap my expectation for that trip at no more than $30(on top of the $50 I just spent on two 3rd generation bulbs after rewards points and shipping discounts.)

I need to cook some things. My perfect cabbage has been waiting patiently in the fridge, so I will make the cabbage salad with lemon vinaigrette I was planning on making last weekend before I got lazy. I’m thinking baked chicken thighs in some form will be good, and I’ve got 2 sticks of fake crab thawing to make another round of sushi(I’m going to see how well it ages by making more than I can eat in a sitting, wish me luck!) Either creme brulee or egg muffins are in the offing, because I need to use the eggs in the fridge. The meal plan for the week includes tacos, but ground beef and chicken are both in the freezer already, so no spending there. I’ll buy groceries on Monday, after I’ve made a little space in the fridge by cooking the cabbage and using up some of the other produce.

There is a LOT of football this weekend, so I’m going to budget $20 for a thrifting excursion while Husband watches some of it. I spent $10 on 3 purses last Wednesday and have already sold 2 of them for $30, so I think I’ll continue in that vein this year now that I’m not planning a wedding and it’s not the holidays. I picked up a pair of vintage Dexter knee-high campus/cowboy style boots this week, so I may see if I can get them on with assistance from boot hooks and stretching spray- if not, I’ll list them, but I think I like them more than the buying public on Ebay based on the completed listing stats.

Estimating $100, $50 of which is already spent.