Is buying a piece of jewelry, no matter the size or price or reason, a “you’ll know when it’s the right time” event?
Robin’s-Egg Blue
Lisa Rowan

I think so, and I think that a lot of the time, the right time may tie into a significant event or trip — so it’s not just “a Tiffany band”, it’s “a Tiffany band from the flagship store on a vacation trip to New York” or a Cartier bracelet from a trip to Paris.

It was pricier than a souvenir tchotchke, but my Greek circle of life pendant has been my go-to necklace for the past 13 years, so I feel like the cost per wear has gotten pretty reasonable.

(That said, your signet ring sounds way more interesting than the Tiffany band — but I’ve been pretty open about my engagement ring and my wedding band being $30 and $28 respectively from Amazon, so I am clearly not a jewelry connoisseur.)

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