Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

It actually *is* my early Friday today!

Leaving work at noon to get my makeup done at Sephora, “free” but really $50 in products. I’ll be using a gift card one of the brokers got me for my birthday, and picking up my birthday gift from them — I’m excited about the Marc Jacobs set. Then home to waste time til Husband-elect and our photographer are out of work, at which time we will hope it’s cooled down a little and go take engagement photos. We’re doing some at our house and some in a park nearby since we don’t really have any photogenic early relationship locations- we met through roller derby, and since I no longer skate, I’m not interested in taking engagement pictures at the grimy afterparty bar or converted warehouse practice space. Will hand over the full payment to our photographer($500), but that’s wedding spending, not weekend spending.

Tomorrow we’ll get up stupid early(like six something out the door) to watch the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement parade. Then home, where I need to make something to take to our neighborhood block party. I’m thinking lemonade pie, which means I need Cool Whip, lemonade concentrate, and a graham cracker crust. I’ll round up to $20 in groceries because we also need salad for standard life purposes. We’ll come home and make that, then go to the block party and hang out with our neighbors.

Sunday, no plans! I’ve been eyeing up the too-small suits in our downstairs closet and thinking I should take them to Clothes Mentor and see if I can get anything for them. Maybe I’ll do that and also purge some shoes. I have a ton of heels, but I never wear them and I think I may have plantar fasciitis — so I’m not super inclined to start back up. Regardless, this hopefully ends with MORE money, not less. I might use $10 in Shop Your Way rewards points to buy another white Hue light bulb($5 after points) and set up our entryway lights to come on automatically when I get home. I’m not planning to cook, since we still have leftover Kalua pig — we’ll eat that this week and hopefully not leave leftovers while we’re gone from Thursday to Sunday next weekend.

Estimate: $75, plus hopefully some funds and space added to my life.

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