Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

It was actually a remarkably cheap weekend! I estimated $90 for ballgame eats, aquarium, and snacks.

$22.50 on a shawarma wrap and ice creams for me and Husband-elect at the ballgame. My aunt and uncle bought us waters, which was important because it was a thousandteen degrees and soupy-humid. I sweated off all of my sunscreen, but by the time we were outside it wasn’t super sunny any more, so that was okay.

Saturday, no spending — we went to Trader Joe’s for snacks(Scandinavian Swimmers FTW!), but then my aunt physically took them from me and paid for them, so that was free instead of $12. Then we went to lunch in Baltimore. My aunt and uncle were going to buy National Aquarium tickets ahead of time, but then we all forgot and by the time we remembered, they were sold out for the 2 PM timeslot that would have been perfect for after lunch. Instead we went with the 4 PM spot and spent the extra time at Fort McHenry, which was really fascinating but also super hot. I’d definitely like to go back, though, when we have more time and are less sweaty messes. The aquarium was awesome, did you guys know there’s a kind of jellyfish called a Blue Blubber Jellyfish? I want a flock of them in an aquarium and I’ll just watch that all the time instead of TV.

Got on the road before 8 AM yesterday to come home. Since I had not had to buy snacks, I bought gas ($19) to even the scales a little. We made it home really quickly, so Husband-elect took a nap while I puttered around the house unpacking. Then we went to the Frank Turner/Flogging Molly show and it was EXCELLENT, but also hot since we were in the pit for Frank Turner and it was so humid we couldn’t cool off afterwards. I bought us waters, $13 for 4, then got mildly pukey about three songs from the end of Flogging Molly’s set. I blame heat, garbage road trip snacks, a dinner of chicken nuggets, and a lot of very enthusiastic jumping about during the Frank Turner set. Thankfully once we were in the car the AC helped calm that mess down.

Estimated: $90

Actual: $54.50