This is going on my to-buy list because drying my hair now that it’s long is absolutely killing me.

It’s magical. I basically wrap my hair in a towel when I get out of the shower, leave it up while I do moisturizer and whatever puttering about I need to do in the morning, then take it out, towel it a little, brush out the tangles, bend over so my hair is hanging down, and apply one pump’s worth of the moroccanoil starting at the ends and working up to my head. Went from like 20ish minutes of drying time to about 5 for mostly dry, and 7–10 for fully dry.

My hair is fairly fine, so the light formulation has been way better than heavier versions. This is the first time I’ve tried real-deal Moroccanoil, but Sally Beauty Supply and Suave both have variations that were too heavy and led to premature greasiness.

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