Do 1 Thing And Go To the Store, The Store, The Store
Megan Reynolds

My one thing was to confirm that a payment I made yesterday had gone through, since I did not get a confirmation email or text. It had, so whee!

My other one thing WAS going to be reminding Husband to turn in the paperwork to put me on his insurance, but then school got canceled because it’s 8 degrees and there are bucketloads of snow at his school(lake effect snow is doing some weird-ass things this year, thanks climate change.) He is instead at home enjoying his Christmas gift-to-self, a refurbished PS3. Fingers crossed that they’re open tomorrow!

As a backup plan, I will pay a month’s premium to the marketplace plan I found some time before the end of the month IF it looks like his insurance won’t kick in for me until after December 31st. Hopefully that won’t be necessary.

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