Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

No plans for the weekend, but I’ve been planning a lot of cooking (egg muffins, roasted eggplant & sausage, drunken noodles with shrimp, reuben salads), so that’ll necessitate a grocery trip, probably during today’s lunch break. It’s a long list already so I’m guessing $40, but it’ll be worth it when we have Reuben salads. I have a pair of brand-new Merrell pumps I picked up at the thrift store that I’ve already put together the ebay ad for, so I just need to take pictures- free, plus eventual income. We’ve got our list together for invitations, so we’ll get those ordered tonight so we can assemble and send them out soon(we’re 10 weeks out tomorrow, so about to miss my goal of sending them out a little early if we don’t get our shit together) — $200

Stopping at Goodwill on my way home so I can donate the basketful of clothes riding around in my backseat. Then I’ll bring the empty basket home and start loading up another round of “maybe someone will want to buy this from me” clothes to take to the resale shop. I’m in shedding-things mode rather than acquiring-things mode — so hopefully I can focus on that and get some things tidied up and moved along to the next person to enjoy them.

Weather looks promising for spray painting dinosaurs both Saturday and Sunday, and we have the pieces to start building centerpieces, so that will be part of the weekend in some fashion. People who have had weddings or other centerpiece-included parties: How big were your centerpieces? I don’t want them to be too small, but I also don’t want there to be no room for actual plates and such. The containers are a mix of footed candleholders and vintage bowls, and can be seen here and here.

Given the lack of actual plans, I’m going to tack an extra $40 on to my estimate and guess $80.

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