Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Today for lunch, I have promised myself Thai basil rolls and tom kar gai soup ($10.) We went to dinner last night at a restaurant that claimed to have basil rolls, but they were crossed off on the menu when we got there and I was the saddest. While I’m near the restaurant, I’m going to a weird outlety housewares store to see if they have patio furniture — budget for that is $80 in the last wedding gift cards and another $120 in actual money I earned. Since I’m assuming that will not yield me the furniture I’m seeking, I’m also planning on hitting up some of the more furniture-heavy thrift stores after work today. In last night’s errands, Books A Million only had one copy of The Princess and the Pony, so I’m going to check another location and hope they have it($20.) Husband is going to hang out with teacher friends after school, so I’ll probably stop for dinner at a new shawarma restaurant that opened and see if their chicken shawarma($10) is an acceptable Australian chicken kebab substitute. Fingers crossed!

Assuming I don’t find the lawn furniture of my dreams tonight, tomorrow we’re hitting up Main Street Modern to scope out their outdoor furniture. I’ve found a few new sets that don’t look bad, but I really want vintage cast iron if at all possible. I’ve been reading up on how to paint it, I’m ready! Then we have the toddler birthday party that we bought the books for, and attending that puts us in the neighborhood of Trader Joe’s, so some Scandinavian Swimmers and other snacky bits may happen($20.)

Then on Sunday, we have no plans but will need to make a meal plan and do some grocery shopping($30) and our landlord is coming over to take a look at the hot water line to our sink and dishwasher, which he thinks may have some sediment in it that’s blocking the water flow and causing the dishwasher to run weird.

Estimate: $210