Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Ugh. Spendy but lovely weekend, followed by the worst Monday morning in my recent history.

Friday, I bought a pair of Bloch ballet flats($65) to improve the transition from Birkenstocks-all-summer to actual shoes(I’m hoping they’re a little more attractive than my EarthShoes mary janes and a little more supportive than my Payless Chelsea flats), and now they haven’t shipped yet and I’m mad. Went home, watched baseball and read a book. Then we got sucked in by the Sonic ad for 50 cent corn dogs, so we dropped my car off and went in search of those — which turned into $10 worth of frozen limeade, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, and tots.

Saturday morning we took Husband-elect’s tux pants to the tailor’s shop literally across the street. They shipped 33 waist pants with a 40 Long tux, so we were hoping they could be let out to the 34 waist he actually needs. Thankfully the tailor said they can be, and he’s going to hem them since they shipped with an unfinished hem. We also hit up Target. They didn’t have any of the shirts I wanted and I opted against buying a storage container there since the estate sale looked like it would have an ample assortment, but I did pick up a bottle of shampoo, $2

Husband-elect needed hair paste/wax/goop, so we went to Sally Beauty Supply so he could get that and I could get a new bottle of the conditioner I just ran out of. $11 there, because I decided to postpone my “just use up the last of everything I have partial bottles of” plan til after the wedding so my hair doesn’t do anything dumb. Went home, where I got a call that my car’s engine and cabin air filters needed to be changed, so I told them to go ahead with that(hadn’t been done in 2 years/30k miles, so it was time.) Oil change and both filters ended up being $82 with a coupon, so not terrible but not great if you’re expecting $35.

We picked up some drinks($9), then went to the housewarming party, where we had fun watching tiny children scoot around and the hostess’s cat demand to be allowed inside so he could lick cupcakes(he was denied, and was MAD about that.) Hung out there for a while, then left and grabbed tacos, $11.

Sunday morning, we got up and Husband-elect wanted breakfast, so he paid for Golden Corral. We got groceries, $11, then went to the estate sale. They still had some amazing things, but I only took home a couple of storage totes sized for papers, some hanging file folders for Husband-elect’s classroom, and a utility knife with an extra blade, since mine was just about done($13 for all.) Since I’d bought shoes and air filters I hadn’t counted on, I did NOT go to Torrid — I did however go to Goodwill, where I found a pair of my go-to work flats for $2.50 and a pack of Scentsicles in the Target clearance for $2. Made a super adult meal of rotini, alfredo sauce, and cut-up Meica frankfurters, baked a full baking sheet of sweet potatoes, and watched SNL and Bob’s Burgers and the shitshow of a debate.

Then this morning I came in to discover that one of our agents (the only one who seems to understand that marketing is not the same thing as making copies), his assistant, and another agent left the company under cover of weekend — they were here on Friday and now they’re not.

Estimated $180, Actual $218 and some rage.

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