Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Unscheduled Trader Joe’s and Penzey’s trip = I blew the hell out of my estimate and had a grand time doing it.

Friday I ordered the book($1.) Almost bought $110 worth of steak from ZayconFresh, but when I price-checked the same cut at Sam’s Club, their steak is about the same price and I can buy on an as-needed basis (with recent bulk purchases of ground beef and chicken breasts, our chest freezer is about at capacity.) Husband’s second birthday gift hadn’t arrived at the Amazon drop off location, so while I was at Sam’s, I got a piece of pizza($2.50 and SO MANY calories, I don’t even understand.) While burning off the rest of my lunch break, I managed to spend $10 on nail stickers, fake glue-on nails, and an eyeliner brush at the dollar store. Dinner with Husband’s mom and brother was delicious, I got a sausage sampler thing that was amazing and has ended up being 3 meals — probably could have been 4 had I not shared at dinner. We went over to her house for cheesecake and presents, watched some basketball, and came home.

Saturday morning we were kind of slow and bumbly. When we finally got up and moving, we went to Lowe’s to get a plant for the landing and a shower splash guard($21, plus $20 cash back.) I’d bought a metal pantry shelf from Aldi last week, so we came home and I put that together and got our baking supplies onto that and out of the box they’d been living in since we moved. I’m super excited about how tidy our pantry shelves are now! Then we went to officiate derby(major home-team wins for both bouts) and hit up the afterparty (Husband paid) for beers and burgers before coming home and collapsing under covers with the window open.

Yesterday we went to Nordstrom Rack to return a sweater. I’d bought a gray and a teal one, and on first wearing of the teal sweater I discovered that they pill TERRIBLY — since it’s Nordstrom Rack I couldn’t return the teal one, but I was at least able to get my money back for the other one(+$38.) While we were up that way we went to Trader Joe’s, where I spent $64 on pine nuts, tarte d’Alsace pizzas, Scandinavian swimmers, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, and cheeses. We also hit the Penzey’s in the same plaza — $24 to restock pasta sprinkle and chicken soup base, plus add chicken taco seasoning, Turkish seasoning, and freebie Tsardust Memories to the spice cabinet. They also threw in an extra free garlic, so now we have a pantry backstock of that. Came home, made buffalo chicken and potatoes, talked to mom, and watched some America’s Test Kitchen while Husband prepped for a classroom observation today. It was simultaneously really productive and really lazy — the best kind of weekend!

Estimated $100, I think? Actual $142.50, but I have $58 in my wallet that I didn’t start out the weekend with, so I’m calling that a win.

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