This Week in Pods
Nicole Dieker

Well, the whole “housing first” move in efforts to end homelessness posits that just having housing taken care of allows people who need services the mental energy to get them, and people who don’t need services and just need housing to get that too.

I could see this being a stepping stone for the people that move in to the tiny houses — the stability of having housing allows them to get a job & actually have the mental wherewithal to grow and progress at the job instead of just worrying about the basics of securing a safe place to stay all over again every day(I’ve never been homeless, but I can’t imagine that constant worries about housing leave a lot of mental real estate for job duties.) Then by the time their pod lease is up, they have the ability to move to a more market-rate apartment or even continue the lease on the pod if that arrangement is still working for all involved.

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