Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Went over, but not much.

Friday, went to the estate sale, which was excellent but nothing I needed to take home. My coworker asked me to pick her up a pastry from a local landmark bakery while I was out that way, so I did that and then came back to the office having spent none of my own money. Went home and decided on a wedding band for myself(I’d ordered two, one is getting returned.) Husband-elect’s ring was too big, so I filled out the return request and got those packed up to go, plus ordered the next half-size down. I’d planned on doing buffalo chicken and potatoes, but it seemed like too much work with baseball to watch, so I ordered pizza($22, the lack of coupons for gluten-free pizza is a constant source of sadness in my life.)

Saturday we got up early and went to vote- it was super organized and efficient (hurray poll workers!) and we were in and out in 15 minutes. Went to Aldi to get candy and stuff to make Reuben soup for the post Trick-or-treat soup party($20), then hit another store to get the things Aldi didn’t have(corned beef & caraway seeds- which I actually had, so $5 of this will come back to me) and a bottle of sparkling wine to have around for my mother’s visit/generalized champagne-having($24), plus hit Petsmart for cat food(Husband-elect paid) and Joann for stick-on felt so Husband-elect could make a dalmatian shirt since all the teachers at his school are dalmatians for Halloween (His principal is going to be Cruella DeVille, and the other grade-level principals are the burglars.)

Took my dress to the tailor by the house, it’s getting hemmed but she vetoed pockets and I don’t know the Mandarin for “Feminist Statement Pockets”, so those are on hold until I can get it to another tailor and see if the objection is structural(two-layered dress) or “it ruins the line of the dress”, because that is some nonsense.

Came home and chopped/stirred/assembled the soup, then realized the half-block of swiss I was planning to grate into it had gone moldy, so I went to yet another grocery store and spent $18 on two pints of new flavors of Halo Top (strawberry is now my favorite) and a replacement block of swiss (Cracker Barrel was somehow the cheapest kind, I don’t understand the world anymore.)

For Trick or Treat, our immediate neighbors all get together and stand in one driveway so kids can not have to do the whole block for like three houses’ worth of candy. Whether because they changed the time, the day, or just because it was like 70 degrees, we had SO MANY trick-or-treaters, and ran out until our neighbor gave us some of her candy to pass out. Wrapped that up, then went to the soup party, where I won the vote for best soup and got the prize ladle (plus I have leftovers, so wins all around!) We started watching game 4 there, then walked home and watched the rest.

Sunday, it was cold and rainy and gross, so I didn’t leave the house. I lazed around with the cats and finished my book, then chopped and sauced 5 pounds of potatoes and maybe 3 of chicken for buffalo chicken and potatoes(two 9x13 pans, dinners for days!), plus planned meals for the rest of the week (banh mi chicken tacos, I’m coming for you!) Did not go to the party, did fall asleep in front of game 5.

Estimated $50, actual $88

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