Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Whee, first Early Friday of the summer! Technically I was supposed to start them back in May, but with my coworker leaving and her replacement still finding her feet in the job I felt like it would be rude to just peace out.

This afternoon I have to take my car in to get looked at. I had an oil change two weeks ago and this week I noticed that my car is kind of… shimmying?… when I brake sharply(which it was not doing at all pre-oil change), so I’m going to take it back to them and ask them to take a look at it. They’re usually really good about telling me if something (like the brakes) needs work, and they didn’t mention anything while I was there. They *did*, however, fail to replace my one wheel cover at that oil change (there was some Benny-Hill-style chasing it down after it slid off the top of the car and rolled away), so I’m a little skeptical that all the functional car parts were reassembled correctly. That will hopefully be free as a fix to improperly completed work. Tonight, friends are coming down to retrieve their half of the box of Peach Truck peaches/bag of pecans and get dinner. So that’ll be +$25, but -$60 or so.

Tomorrow, no major plans during the day. I want to make some beef jerky following a recipe from a book I’m considering buying, so that will require some grocery shopping for London broil and a Serrano pepper or two, $30? Then we’re going to a friend’s birthday celebration/bonfire. I already have some ciders, so I’ll take those along.

Sunday, we’re going to a midday baseball game and it’s gonna be a thousand degrees (technically 86, which is not as bad as the 93 they were predicting), so I am just gonna say $20 there on food and drinks. Might get dinner up in Cleveland while we’re there, $30 if we do. When we get home I want to throw everything on my basement clothing rack into a bag and take it to Clothes Mentor. With a very few exceptions, it’s been down there for about a year and I haven’t pulled much off of the rack…so that means they can move on to someone else. Maybe that’ll end up being plus $15 next week? Who even knows with clothing resale, I’m not going to count on any particular number.

Estimating $140.