Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Whee! It’s gorgeous out and I went to a concert last night(Wheatus opening for & then backing Mike Doughty, and we are now all confused about how didn’t we know that Wheatus was awesome?), so today feels less like a standard Friday and more like a weekend day where I somehow decided to come to work.

I got gas on my way in this morning, $19 in non-weekend/life spending. I brought lunch today, so I’ll eat that and read my library book(having taken care of my adult responsibilities yesterday with the call to Spectrum/TWC) and maybe go for a walk if it’s still nice out. There’s a cold front coming, so no more 76 degree days, & storms are forecast, but the *when* of that has been moving around a little. Tonight, we may crash early following our late night last night — we have leftovers, or we may go get pho at a place that just opened right by our house($20, almost certainly getting spent some time this weekend because I am that excited about local pho.)

Tomorrow, we have an 8–830 pickup window for 40 pounds of chicken breast (prepaid) from Zaycon foods ❤, then we’ll come home and trim/vacuum pack those in 11x16 bags of 2 before loading up the freezer. Then we don’t really have any major plans. The grocery outlet email I just got says they have 30 cent avocados, so we may have to make a trip out there, $25 at most. We’ll make something with chicken since we’ll have a lot — maybe something with a mustard cream sauce, we have leftover baked potatoes that would be a decent side for that. Husband is going to sign up for a Google Music household account so I can also enjoy the ability to play all the music without using all the data (I’m a luddite still using a 160 GB Classic iPod, so this is pretty heady stuff for me —the idea that with a paid account you can download music to your phone to listen to later without actually purchasing it. #livinginthefuture.)

Sunday is the Daytona 500 — husband was going to see if his friend wanted to get together to watch, but friend’s wife is not a big Nascar fan so I don’t think that went anywhere. He’ll watch that, I’ll putter around doing house stuff & watching in bits and pieces. I got seeds and a syringe for nutrients last week, so maybe THIS will be the weekend I get the Aerogarden up and running! Then there’s the Oscars, we’ll probably watch some of that(#teamhiddenfigures #foreverything). I may try making homemade sour mix — I have a ginger pear cocktail from a local bar that I want to knock off and it calls for sour mix, pear vodka, and ginger, and it seems suitably Oscars-y. I’ll need lemons, limes, and ginger — if they have them at the grocery outlet they’ll fit in that $25, if I have to make a special trip I’ll cap it at $10.

By this breakdown I’m estimating $55, but I’ll round up to $60 just in case.

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