Timeline: Individual idea generation by 10/19. New warm up game by 10/20. Session organization by 10/23. Sorting and voting 10/23. Top ideas and blog post on 10/24.


Individual Idea Generation

How might we keep a suitcase organized throughout a trip…

1) Suitcase Drawers. 2) Suitcase Stalker (follows you through bluetooth/phone app). 3) Backpack Stacker: attach more to your backpack as needed.
4) Suitcase stacker. 5) Tower case. 6) Walking wardrobe. 7) Suitcase with labeled pouches.
8) Suitcase pod sorters. 9) Suitcase dividers. 10) Attached suitcases. 11) Wheely Suitcases. 12) Suitcases with inflatable function.
13) Fanny pack suitcase. 14) Suitcase with cupholder. 15) Hanging suitcase. 16) Accordion Suitcase
17) Adjustable divide for laundry. 18) Removable liquids pouch. 19) Mesh laundry layer. 20) Suitcase files.
21) Multi-pouch rolling duffel. 22) Sock and shoe spots. 23) Pattern-lined suitcase. 24) Suitcase with built-in scale.
25) Removable velcro dividers. 26) Built-in vacuum sealer. 27) Angled Divider. 28) Multi-expander case.
29) Suitcase top-up organizer. 30) Convertible case.

Full list of 30 ideas:

  1. Suitcase Drawers.
  2. Suitcase Stalker (follows you through bluetooth/phone app).
  3. Backpack Stacker: attach more to your backpack as needed.
  4. Suitcase stacker.
  5. Tower case.
  6. Walking wardrobe.
  7. Suitcase with labeled pouches.
  8. Suitcase pod sorters.
  9. Suitcase dividers.
  10. Attached suitcases.
  11. Wheely Suitcases.
  12. Suitcases with inflatable function.
  13. Fanny pack suitcase.
  14. Suitcase with cupholder.
  15. Hanging suitcase.
  16. Accordion Suitcase
  17. Adjustable divide for laundry.
  18. Removable liquids pouch.
  19. Mesh laundry layer.
  20. Suitcase files.
  21. Multi-pouch rolling duffel.
  22. Sock and shoe spots.
  23. Pattern-lined suitcase.
  24. Suitcase with built-in scale.
  25. Removable velcro dividers.
  26. Built-in vacuum sealer.
  27. Angled Divider.
  28. Multi-expander case.
  29. Suitcase top-up organizer.
  30. Convertible case.

New warm-up game

Blue Panda: Members of the group stand in a circle. Going clockwise, one person says a the first color they think of and the next says the first animal they think of.

Left: Group playing Blue Panda. Right: Group laughing hysterically when “red” is followed up with “tomato”.

Session organization

All of my group members had different experiences with travel. For example, Lauren is more of a road-tripper and is used to packing for long car rides. Similarly, Annie also road-trips, but is more of a backpacker and camper, so she tends to pack light. Lana and Elizabeth both studied abroad and went on several trips by flight, train or bus, for various durations of time.

Group Members:

Lauren: Road-tripper by design.

She drives a small Audi and has friends all over the country. Recently, she went on a trip from Minnesota, through the Pacific Northwest, and over to Texas. On this trip, she stayed at Airbnb’s, slept in the car, or at a friend’s house.

Annie: Backpacking expert.

Annie is a lover of all things outside. She frequently road trips and spends the days she camps hiking and climbing. Her interests make her an effective packer, bringing only the essentials.

Lana: World traveler, self-proclaimed minimalist.

During her time abroad, Lana traveled to many places by bus, train, or a cheap flight. As a minimalist, she limits the items she carries to things that are valuable and necessary to a trip.

Elizabeth: Notorious overpacker, notorious organizer.

Elizabeth needs to make sure she has everything she might possibly need on a trip. She packs by list, careful to be sure she has it all. She is cautious of weight limit and how everything fits in her suitcase. She will refold her items if her suitcase gets messy.

Photo of brainstorming group.

Sorting and voting

Overhead view of the group’s ideas sorted into categories.


Full list: laundry, suitcase with accessory, foot/wheel oriented, decorated/custom case, holds beverages, animal-esque, adjustable cases, high tech, talking suitcases, time/space saving, convenience, organization techniques, shelving incorporated, wearable/hands-free


Suitcase with accessory

Foot/wheel oriented

Decorated/custom case

Holds beverages


Adjustable cases

High tech

Talking/guide suitcases

Time/Space saving

Convenience cases

Organization techniques

Shelving incorporated


Voting process: For the voting process I had each member of the brainstorming session mark the 5 best ideas, which could be most creative, fitting for the assignment or plausible.

Top ideas

  1. Space Bag/ Vacuum pack
  2. Expander suitcase
  3. Laundry suitcase
  4. Re-organizable suitcase
  5. Scale case
  6. Hover Suitcase
  7. Exteno-wheel suitcase
  8. Charging suitcase
  9. Hanger roller
  10. Tower case/duffel bag
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