“Compound interest is such a powerful tool that Albert Einstein once called it the most important invention in all of human history” — Tony Robbins

Let your money grow by compounding

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When it comes to the world of investing, compound interest can be your best friend. You don’t have to be rich to be an investor. You invest to be rich. No matter how little an amount is, if invested properly, it can help you reach your financial goals sooner than you think. …

Things I wish I learned in school

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There are mistakes in life I wish I didn’t have to encounter. I hope my professor in school taught them, or that I learned them in books. But it’s all part of being an adult.

And if you’re an adult, you would know what I’m talking about.

There’s no one to rely on but yourself

I grew up to be an independent person. At least that’s what I believed. I didn’t want to rely on somebody else and always wanted to do things on my own. As I got older, I realized there’s more to being independent than doing things on your own.

You don’t really know how…

It’s a financial opportunity that can change your life

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The year started with wildfires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and now the Coronavirus pandemic.

You may think everything in the world is going wrong right now.

But guess what? 2020 could be the year you’ve been waiting for.


Because it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Still not convinced?

It’s a good time to invest in stocks

If things get worse, this can be one of the toughest times in economic history. Yet, financial opportunities are everywhere. Stock prices are plummeting and there’s no better time to buy than now.

A lot of successful investors think of a recession as a financial opportunity. …

Sometimes, it takes more than just your comfort food.

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Your remedy to sadness may be different from mine. You can eat a slice of cake or devour a bucket of your favorite ice cream and feel better. That might work for me too. But I can wake up the next day feeling the same kind of loneliness I felt before, except this time I would feel like a fatty.

The endorphins released from a good exercise may also improve your mood. Yet, there are times when you need to find other ways to sustain your sense of purpose in life.

Have something to look forward to.

I’m the type of person who feels a little…

The secrets to finding the perfect job.

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Seven years ago when I graduated, I wanted nothing but to get a job and practice what I learned in school. I felt glad to finally step into the real world and “start living”. Be that as it may, the journey was not easy for me. I kept changing jobs until these three things saved my life:

Changing my perspective

After getting hired on my first job, I felt like the happiest person on Earth. I didn’t care how much my salary was, all I knew was that I’m about to start building a career. I worked hard and thought I’ll make my…

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Learning can be a boring process for some people. It makes them think as if they are in school, where they are required to memorize information and pass an examination. However, the knowledge that you acquire as a student should not stop there.

Gaining knowledge can be a fun practice and a lifelong process. It equips you with the wisdom you need to do good in the biggest test you’ll ever face — real life. Nothing can be more rewarding than that.

Elon Musk used to spend 10 hours a day reading when he was in grade school. Bill Gates…

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Everybody misses the part of childhood where money wasn’t that big of a deal. As we grow older and start to earn money, we become more responsible with our expenses. At the same time, we realize how much we fail to save for the future.

Saving money is never easy especially for someone who has impulsive buying tendencies like myself. For years, I struggled with creating a budget that would work for me until I decided to make an excel sheet for my spending plan. I find the google sheets template called “Monthly Budget” a life-saver.

In this article, I…

Things that matter more than productivity

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While everybody is posting about things to do during this pandemic, people tend to forget that humans are also suffering from mental, physical and emotional issues. Life is not only about productivity and making money. We worry too much about our finances and everyday hustle but there are far more important things we can reflect on today. After all, there is always a silver lining to everything. If we look at this lockdown differently, there’s a lot of ways in which we can make use of this time. …

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There are just days when I think to myself, “I wonder what these successful people do that makes them ahead of the game”. It can be that they are very hardworking, intelligent, or it may just be pure luck (which in most cases, is not). Are they doing something that I’m not doing? Or maybe they’re not doing this one thing that I keep doing. I kept trying to change my habits but it’s not particularly easy trying to do this. …

Marichelle E. Urquico

Part-time writer and a full-time learner.

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