It was really awesome seeing what I can achieve when am really pushed against the wall. Learning new concepts, implementing them and meeting tight deadlines and repeating the cycle. To me this is what you need to stay afloat at Andela. The ability to learn quick. This meant going through tonnes of resources online and testing out the knowledge I had learnt in a separate file, I named the folder learning and everything I was trying out I’d put it inside. Only when the file successfully run is when I’d attempt to migrate the concept to the project folder I was working on. This helped me avoid confusing concepts that I was prone to when learning.

I also found that if you are able to communicate effectively one can easily understand you. This is in regards to asking questions when you are stuck. When you meet a blocker you need to have it resolved quickly in order for you to progress. Well, I was able to ask the right question, my colleague seemed to understand me but on further researching the suggestion he or she gave led me to me more confused. Does this question my ability to learn quick?

My advice to aspirin fellows in boot camp week 2, seek constructive criticism. This will help you fine tune your programming skills.

Adaptability on 3… #TIA

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