Mevo Pre-Orders Ship to U.S. Customers

A TV studio in your pocket.

Mevo by Livestream is like a TV studio in your pocket, putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production team in the palm of your hand.

Two years ago, we set out to create a camera that would revolutionize how live events are streamed and recorded. When we embarked on this adventure, we could only dream of the day when customers like you would use our camera with your own audience.

Today is that day!

Pre-Orders are Now Shipping

We are thrilled to announce that fulfillment of Mevo pre-orders has begun. Thousands of units will begin to arrive across the United States tomorrow. We will fulfill all remaining pre-orders to customers around the world throughout the month of August.

Mevo cameras leaving our distribution facility this weekend.

Retail Availability This Week

Later this week Mevo will be available for immediate purchase from our terrific retail partners, including Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H.

Live Chat with the Mevo Product Team

Join us live on Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET on Mevo’s Facebook page. Meet some of the team members behind Mevo, including Mevo team leaders Max Haot, Phil Worthington, and Sergey Malyuk. They’ll be available to take your questions and share the story behind Mevo’s creation.

Thank You to Our Team and Partners

Mevo would not be possible without the dedicated support and countless hours our partners contributed to the design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing that brought Mevo to life. This Livestream team photo represents only a portion of the global Mevo team. We have been blessed by the contributions of the many talented professionals around the world at our suppliers and manufacturing partners. Thank you to every single person who made a contribution to Mevo’s development.

The Livestream team in New York — a small portion of the global team that made Mevo possible.

Thank You to You

Most importantly, thank you for believing in Mevo before it was real. We would not be here without your early vote of confidence. Together, we are now a group of Mevo makers, and we look forward to sharing your video creations. Once your camera is set up and you’ve got some practice under your belt, tag your videos with #ShotByMevo for a chance to be featured!

We appreciate your support very much. Enjoy your Mevo!

The Livestream Team
Mevo is created by Livestream, the leader in live video.

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