Failed State

Understanding the political, emotional, and social implications of a failed state is difficult because all we are conditioned to see is the failure. We only see the rubble, but some folks can imagine the majesty of the possible, some folks can see this as a moment where we can rebuild.

Do you see the possible or the failure?

I am from Detroit so I saw a city, a community, a public space destroyed by capital accumulation and ravished by onlookers and developers preying on the city center and trying to diminish the people. It was appealing to some even lucrative…

Know that this posture, this breath, this grounding is always available to you.

I have been doing yoga more over the last few months because well it helps my mental health. Fear of not being good or looking good be damned — it is a helpful endeavor that has allows me to see and feel differently to flow in and out of the possible. Yoga has shown me that my body is able to do things beyond my understanding and that I am able to control my body inways that I did not know were possible. It is a practice…

Dear Los Angeles,

The truth is I never thought that this was going to be a reality for me — you know — a midwestern woman through and through moving to the west coast. Living beyond the United States 1803, seemed like it would never happen because why should it what is out west.

The normative ideals of moving let alone moving to into colonized western land has been met with serious hesitation as I am just a Midwestern girl. The deep roots of the auto industry and being surrounded by fresh water not seasoned with the blood of my…

Racism and COVID-19

by: Tia Sheree Gaynor & Meghan E. Wilson

In 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the world watched Mr. Floyd beg for his life by explaining that he could not breathe. So many Black people, many residing in predominantly black communities, too cannot breathe.

The same racist state that perpetuates, condones, and valorizes police violence, is also producing disproportionately higher COVID-19 infection and death rates in predominantly Black communities. Black people in the United States are currently facing intersecting pandemics or a double pandemic. …

Meghan Wilson

Meghan is a political scientist at Michigan State University. She is an urban public finance scholar that loves cities and good stories.

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