Thanks Michael; great story.

Thanks for your reply LPMarie. Apologies for my long delay in response, I’m just arriving back from an epic sabbatical made possible by HubSpot. More to come in my part 2 post.

How do we teach resilience in career adversity, especially in the generations graduating? That is an excellent question. Maybe my story and the thousands of similar stories like mine can help inspire some to push past obstacles.

It is humbling and deeply appreciated that my story has resonated with you and others. I’d love to continue the conversation and get involved with inspiring and guiding those facing career adversity through tough times. I’m even more encouraged to do so in light of recent experiences.

My story, although powerful from a certain perspective, almost sounds contemptuous in light of the plight I know so many others face.

I am just arriving back to the USA from 5 weeks in Africa, visiting many beautiful and amazing cities and cultures. One thing in common with many of the people I met is their admiration for an American life. Being born in the US comes with so many advantages it is absurd. So many people I met would do anything to have the opportunity that comes with an American citizenship.

Weaving this narrative into career resilience for our youth sounds appealing to me, and I hope many others.

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