Beyond Beaches

“Mexico” Mike Nelson
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I used to be a beach guy. I lived on the beach in Pto. Escondido, Oaxaca. Now I prefer more complex scenery. Perhaps it’s age (a blessing I neither expected nor deserved), but now I have a more nuanced view of life and Mexico. Mexico’s beaches attract most of her first-time tourists, so hooray for beaches. As addicting as beaches are, you too, will someday long for more than white powder and pounding surf. Come with me and I’ll prepare you for that day of awakening. Discovering Mexico can lead to discovering yourself.

There’s nothing inherently inferior about preferring beaches. We all like what we like. That’s cool. I like beaches too. My mission is not to denigrate beach loving, but to encourage appreciation of the many other attributes Mexico has to offer. There’s way more to Mexico and I’d like to introduce you to the Mexico between the coasts. Occasionally, I will dally for a while on a beach, so you won’t have to go cold turkey beachless. I know that breaking an addiction to that white powder can be tough, so I will help wean you off it.

In my extensive travels about Mexico, mostly by driving, I now gravitate to mountains, forests, waterfalls, hot springs and offbeat, less visited natural attractions.

As I begin my most recent journey, though I travel without a plan, I do have some vague ideas about where I will end up. Well, sorta. I don’t make a habit of sticking to a plan or schedule.

Adventure (and enlightenment) come when you least expect them. I am always ready to zig when the plan called for a zag. I have few regrets in life, but most of them stem from the times when I didn’t follow serendipity.

Though I appreciated the press trips I was invited on, back when I was a Somebody in the travel writing world, they were tough on me. Keeping to a grueling schedule was, well, grueling.

Today I’m no longer a Big Shot, I travel on my own dime and, while I stay in more modest hotels, I meet more interesting people. There’s a time and place for all things. Now is the time of discovery. Now I can share these adventures with you.

If meandering and finding great adventures beyond the next turn excite you, then you’ll enjoy this blog and my website. Even if you don’t travel that way yourself, you’ll probably enjoy reading them.

Life is truly an adventure for all of us. The scope of the adventure is different for each one of us, but we can all live to our potential and enjoy what we have, when we have it. It’s in that spirit that I write and share with you.

May you always find a warm wind at your back, the open road with sunshine and blue skies before you and a trusted companion at your side. Mike.

Originally published at on August 24, 2015.