What Does “On The Road” Mean To You?

“Mexico” Mike Nelson
Draft · 2 min read

Getting back on the road soon. Mentally preparing. “On the road,” the hackneyed phrase that describes a state of mind means something different to everyone.

If your freedom carrier has two wheels, it’s that feeling of oneness with the road below and the wind around as you bend into each turn and sway with the sinuous roads that lead straight to adventure.

If you are ensconced high above other drivers in the steel cage of your pickup truck, you drive on, secure in the belief that you are tougher than any road — and most topes.

If your rolling home has a motor, you ride comfortable in the hominess that surrounds you. No matter where you go, there your home and familiarity goes.

If a sedan or small car is your steed, you feel connected to that ribbon of asphalt that leads to wherever you want to be. You take each turn as it comes, each tope as best you can.

For us “part of the whole” Zen-like road warriors, it’s not the destination that matters as much as the journey. I know we aren’t the majority. Most people are road worriers who want to “make” it to “X” in “Y” time. To them, maps are like tic-tac-toe boards. They fill in their “X’s” and “O’s” as rapidly as they can. That’s their reality and that’s okay. The Road has room for both of us.

As I prepare for this journey with meditation and an open mind to the adventures that await, the anticipation is as rewarding as the realization. For today is all we have, this moment is the culmination of all moments that came before. I am the bridge between the past and the future.

Wherever your road takes you, spend a moment thanking it. If you join me, just for the few moments you read my missives, slow down to my meandering pace and share the wonder of what is.

Originally published at https://www.mexicomike.com on September 25, 2019.