Think you don’t like hot springs?

“Mexico” Mike Nelson
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I get two responses from clients who ask me to plan a trip for them when I start touting the hot springs of Mexico. Some say, “Oh wow, tell me more.” I can almost hear them stifling themselves from adding, “Groovy, man.” Those are bonafide hot springs nuts (like me). Others become defensive. They say, “Not interested” as fast a one replies to a telemarketer. They imply they wouldn’t go to one unless they were hogtied and dragged.

If you are in the second camp, maybe I can educate you. Mexican hot springs are family affairs. They are not enclaves of old, naked, wrinkled hippies, lolling around, smoking pot. Not in Mexico. Nudity is not seen. Folks wear bathing suits, not birthday suits. If that was your impression of hot springs, give them a chance.

What you will find is, especially on weekends and summer vacation, families of all types from those of modest means to middle-class. If you travel with your children, a visit to a hot spring could be the perfect opportunity for them to meet Mexican kids their own age. If you want to get to know some average Mexican people beyond waiters, hotel staff and taxi drivers, this could be a golden opportunity for you. People everywhere are easier to approach when in a pool setting.

So, if those two things don’t convince you, how about serenity? If you go to a hot spring during the week, there will be few guests and few children. Spend a few hours soaking in warm mineral waters and I guarantee your search for serenity will be over.

Of course, the reason aguas termales exist is the healing properties of the water. Every spring is different in its mineral makeup, temperature and radioactive content. Yes, Virginia, I said radioactive. You know you’ve had enough soaking when you start glowing in the dark. Oops! That was a joke, dear heart.

There is radioactivity in the ground below us and the waters coming from deep in the earth’s mantle bring some of it back. It is my belief that this adds to their efficacy.

Arthritis is alleviated. Psoriasis is put into remission. Skin lesions and rashes heal. Tension evaporates. You become one with the water. (Uh-oh, my spiritual nature is showing — you don’t have to be one with the water if you’d rather not).

The bottom line is going to a hot spring can be a most relaxing experience and the health benefits are a bonus. I’ll be writing about several of Mexico’s hot springs as this blog progresses.

Originally published at on August 10, 2015.