How did i get almost 300k impressions with just one tweet only in 24 hour

Hello Friends,

Yesterday Before i was going bed i tweeted a tweet when i woke up today i was really suprised there was so much notifications on my mobile phone…

İn Social media you can see people who have same ideas, they became really strong when they are together, it means using social media as a society makes you more powerful than ever

Turkey is one of the countries that uses social media most you can see always a hashtag about Turkey on trends topics on Twitter being that much powerful on social media makes world hear what Turkish people say

Just few days ago American viner Amanda Cerny’s tweeted a Turkish guy then its gone viral in Turkey so Amanda got so much New followers,likes,tweets and she liked it because she became one of the important topics in Turkey but also Turkish people liked her too because such an amazing girl was tweeting back to them and she was realised the power of Turkish social media

Everything looks good for now, Amanda has ideas about coming Turkey. its good Endorsement for Turkey also Because in Last few years Turkey Lost its reputation on tourism because of terrorism.That would make Turkish people feel good

And Finally

Noone knows how long will it last, but we all know it cant last forever but one good thing is Amanda and Turkey is good Friends Anymore what ever happens they will never forget eachother

And i was the one of the guy who Tweeted to Amanda then She replied and retweeted me, Thank You Amanda… for making me feel like a star for an 24 hour :)