For many developers, deploying an app becomes a headache, as during the time of shipping, one has to take care of app size, asset compression, redirection rules, etc.

The best approach to this involves, creating the deployment process at the very early stage during development time itself. This helps to clear out production bugs 👊 too soon. Having an auto deployment process will also simplify developers work to a great extent. So in this article let me simplify your work and you focus on development part.

So first requirements here involve having either GitHub or Bitbucket account to host our…

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." — Stephen Hawking [1]

The time when computers came into existence, people feared that it would take away their jobs. But the reality was completely opposite. It created more jobs and everything was back to its place. As the world moves on, our life should get better and better. Technology is progressing at a faster pace than we could ever think. Research and development work is helping mankind to eradicate many diseases. Many AI systems have been developed which surpasses humans in their own field. For…

Mexson Fernandes (RoboMex)


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